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For America (Day 62)

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Gracious Lord, God of glory and peace,
Forgive us our sins.
We have failed You,
Most Holy One.

We do not ask for our daily bread,
But for the false security of abundance.
We do not love You above all,
With all heart, mind, soul, and strength.

We do not love our neighbors as ourselves.
We have become self-centered,
Though you call us to self-sacrifice.
We repent.

We confess our sins.
We have forgotten the poor,
And the widow, and those in prison.
We give in order to receive.

Our collections of tunics
Testify of our hardened hearts;
And our discontent,
To our lack of faith.

We ask for Your mercy upon us.
For we’ve allowed children,
The most vulnerable of all,
To be abused, neglected, and even murdered.

We’ve forgotten our elders,
Our widows, the orphans.
We do not seek after Truth.
We are in desperate need of Your intervention.

Open our eyes, Lord, that we may see Thy will.
Give us the courage to stand
Against the Spirit of the Age,
In the bold confidence of Your Love.

We are at Your mercy.
We, the vessels; You the Potter.
Do as you please
In our hearts and land.


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