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For America (Day 56)

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Our Father in heaven,
Most holy Creator,
God, King, Redeemer, Sustainer,
Blessed be Your name now and forevermore.

As the preacher says,
Command what You will, Lord,
And will what You command.
We are at Your mercy.

We come before You to ask for our leaders —
To ask for those thinking about leading us
Through political engagement
And cultural influence.

May they all see and seek Your Truth above all.
May they lead with fear and humility.
Help us to hold them accountable
To Your high standards.

Father, we pray for the people
As they consider their civic duties.
We pray for wisdom beyond cynicism.
We pray for eyes to see beyond insincere speeches.

May we look to You for guidance and
Look for men of integrity and character.
Help us each to look beyond monetary gain
To the spiritual condition of our country.

Help us see the connection between the two areas.
Help us select leaders who recognize You as
The One, true Leader, above any other,
Someone with the strength to stand up to the spirit of this age.

We recognize that our country has gone astray.
For this, we ask Your forgiveness.
Do not leave us to our own devices, oh God;
Help us turn to You again.

Help us bring about the change in our hearts, first and foremost,
That we may see it reflected in our next election,
That the fundamentals of another Great Awakening be set
For the next generation.

We pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son,