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Fighting sexual abuse in Afghanistan

By September 29, 2015Legal, News and Events
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There is a deep and growing malignancy under the supervision of the U.S. military, one that threatens our nation’s moral authority and perhaps our very souls. Our commander in chief must take steps to address it or it will destroy our ability to win the war on terror. Every woman in this country should be calling on President Obama to immediately deal with the evil being allowed to flourish under our supervision in Afghanistan.

In a disturbing report from Afghanistan, Joseph Goldstein of The New York Times reports that, “[S]oldiers and Marines have been increasingly troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them in some cases and placing them as the commanders of villages — and doing little when they began abusing children.”

Not only that, but the U.S. military leadership is apparently punishing U.S. soldiers when they stand up against the rape and sexual abuse of children. The official policy is to “ignore child sexual abuse by their Afghan allies” and some “have faced discipline, even career ruin for disobeying it.”

Read the rest of this article, as featured on the Washington Times.

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