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Day 29 – A Prayer for Deliverance

By April 28, 2020Blog, Covid-19
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God of our salvation, Holy Father,
We praise You in spirit and truth.
May Your kingdom be established in our hearts,
Let Your will be done on earth as in heaven.

Preserve our lives, Lord!
Gladden our soul with peace and joy
In the middle of this pandemic;
Help us see beyond the immediate.

We are thankful for Your constant provision,
Where would we be without Your grace.
There is none like You, a God who cares—
Who loves His people. Thank you!

Forgive us for being anxious while
Claiming to trust You.
Forgive us our trespasses and help us
To be quick to forgive those who hurt us.

Grant us courage to stand when
The enemy attacks, for we stand in You.
We want to be brave and bold in Your Word,
And remain meek and lowly in our state.

Deliver us from this COVID-19 time,
Grant us a miraculous exodus, as You’ve done in the past.
You are a God of wonders and miracles,
Let all who see bow down in worship!

All the nations shall one day glorify Your name,
For Your great works. You alone are God!
Great is Your steadfast love for us,
You alone can deliver our souls from darkness.

Yours is the power,
Yours is the glory and all honor,
Yours is the kingdom and majesty,
Now and forevermore.



This prayer was written by CWA General Counsel Mario Diaz. Click here for more prayers from our “30 Days of Prayer in the Midst of Covid-19” effort. Here for more coronavirus-related resources.