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A Better Approach to the State of the Union

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It has been remarkable to see the level of disdain aimed at President Trump. It is not normal. It seems unwarranted — even unjust. Disagreement with his policies, or the way he expressed himself at one point or another, or the way he conducted himself in any situation I can understand. But this foaming at the mouth on his every tweet, comparing him to Stalin or Hitler, this “anything he does is the worst thing that could ever have happened and is automatically racist” is nonsensical.

The “astro turf” hysteria is managing to turn many who didn’t particularly like him as a candidate into constant Trump defenders.  Or so they seem by way of insisting on abiding to reality and not going along with the accepted narrative. It is just amazing to me how many times I find myself saying something like, “No, that’s not quite what he said,” “Well, I’m not sure that’s what’s happening,” and “Actually, President Obama advocated the same policy.”

President Trump declares Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Complete meltdown. Only watch:

Curious, no? Many presidents, like Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush (shown in the video) have made the declaration. Why the lunacy with President Trump?

The Russian collusion conspiracies are another example where the excitement has been just a bit overdone. The accusations have been many, the proof, non-existent. The tables have turned a few times in the saga, and the only proof we can actually point to seems to say the collusion was among some government officials to “do something” about President Trump, even before he had taken the oath of office.

He was never even given a chance. He was never even allowed to do something wrong in office before the plots to bring him down were already simmering. A new memo may come out soon shedding more light on this. One wishes we could just hold off on the next apocalyptic pronouncement until we could know a bit more of what in the world was going on in all this, but that is apparently not possible with the world ending and all because of President Trump’s tax cuts.

Given this impulsive, cockamamie, allergic reaction to all things Trump, I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised to read the “mental health” offensive deployed not too long ago. I shouldn’t have, but I confess I was taken aback. It was a national emergency, you see. Oh my. I better pay attention.

Wait, what? President Obama’s own doctor was surprised at the unfounded speculation?

One could keep going for days on these examples. We haven’t even mentioned the most overblown, maliciously distorted story of all: immigration. To listen to the detractors, President Trump wants to exterminate me and my people from the planet. This is not coming from some fringe conspiracy theory group with an obscure website somewhere, these are respected U.S. officials treating as a fact that the president is racist, and if you don’t join “the resistance,” well, you are just as racist, too.

But wait, President Trump’s plan includes a pathway to citizenship?

Don’t worry, that will be racist, too, as soon as they can think of a good reason why. The reality is that President Trump is undertaking the difficult task of immigration reform that President Obama would not dare touch, even when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

Looking at how President Trump’s first year has gone, a reasonable person could conclude that, no matter what he does, he will be deemed the worst. The worst.

Does this make any sense to you? As we prepare to hear the president’s State of the Union Address tonight, is it too much to ask of us to give him a fair hearing?

I think not. I think we would be much better off tuning out the self-aggrandizing political pundits and their irrational Trump hating and give the president a chance. Hear about what he has accomplished last year and what he plans to work on this year, and let us make up our own minds. Tune out the pre-package commentary on it.

Agree with him in some areas; disagree where you like. But pray for him always.

Mario Diaz, Esq. is Concerned Women for America’s legal counsel. Follow him on Twitter @mariodiazesq.