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2020 California Legislative Session Summary

By October 11, 2020California
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A warm, heartfelt thanks to all our Concerned Women for America (CWA) of California members who supported our prayer and action efforts during the 2020 legislative session. Though the session has come to an end, let us not shrink back from vigilant prayer for California and the issues it faces. Please join your local CWA of California Prayer/Action Chapter if you are not already connected. Contact me for more information.

Legislative Update
Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund (AB 2218): Gov. Gavin Newsom (Democrat) signed AB2218 into law. I reported on the bill here and here. California taxpayers will now provide grants that will distribute an unspecified amount of funds to organizations “serving” transgender and intersex adults and children. Various services include “gender-affirming health care services, such as hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery.” Dr. James Dobson weighed in on this bill in an article here. In a recent poll, more than 64 percent of voters participating somewhat or strongly disapproved of AB 2218.

Jails and Prisons (SB 132): Gov. Newsom also signed SB 132 into law. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will now allow transgender persons to be housed in the facility of their choice “with or without a diagnosis of gender dysphoria or any other physical or mental health diagnosis, and regardless of anatomy …”

What’s the Answer – Elect Better Legislators!
Elections have consequences. If we want a better outcome for our next legislative session, we need to elect better legislators. We do this by taking part in the privilege of voting and encouraging others to do the same. And above all else, we pray.

Please ensure that you, your family, friends, and church congregants are registered to vote. The deadline to do so is Monday, October 19. You may register to vote online at your county elections office website or on the Secretary of State’s website here.

Due to the governor’s COVID-19 orders, all California registered voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot beginning this week. These may be returned by mail postmarked by November 3, dropped off during business hours at various official ballot drop-off locations, or dropped off at any polling place between October 31 and Election Day November 3. See locations and hours of operation for drop-off and polling places on your county elections office website.

Let us Pray Together for the Election
Please join our national prayer campaign, SHE PRAYS SHE VOTES 2020. The main goal of She Prays, She Votes 2020 is prayer. Now more than ever, Christians need to be on their knees before God praying for our nation, for our leaders, and for this election.

Lord Jesus, we pray with humble hearts for our state and our nation. Deuteronomy 3:22 says, “Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you.” Lord, we pray for fearless leaders who will stand boldly on the Word of God for what is right and true and pure. Please, Lord, pour your blessing upon our land and heal our nation. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

United with you in peace and truth,

Marlo Tucker
State Director