CWA of Oregon Powell Butte Prayer/Action Chapter Meeting on October 4 — Join Them!

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Do you, or someone you know, live in or near Powell Butte, Oregon?  First, if neither of those apply, please consider starting a CWA Chapter in your area!  Contact us today to find out if there is a chapter in your area and/or how to start one. But, if you or someone you know lives in or near Powell Butte, read on!

We are excited to announce that the Powell Butte CWA Prayer/Action Chapter will have its first meeting next week – Tuesday, October 4! 

 No doubt you are as concerned about the many moral issues threatening our families and our nation today.  Most people want to respond and work to create a better nation for our children and grandchildren but are unsure of the steps to take. This meeting will help you discover how, together, we can make a difference in our community, as well as in our state and nation.

When: Tuesday, October 4 @7:00 p.m.

CWA Prayer/Action Chapter Leader:  Micah Roberts (

Where:  Contact Micah and she will give you the location.

Bring:  A friend! Women, men and teens are all welcome and encouraged to attend.

Micah is excited to meet together with like-minded individuals like yourself to pray, be educated and take action on CWA’s seven core issues.

There’s a cultural battle raging across this country and CWA is on the frontline protecting those values through prayer and action.  Will you join us?

Click here to view the flyer.  Feel free to print and distribute liberally.

If you live in the area please do all you can to attend this meeting.  You will be glad you did!

Why Churches Should Encourage Members to Vote

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There is much at stake in the November 2016 elections. Will you exercise your duty and vote and encourage others to do the same?

The institution of government was ordained by God (Romans 13:1-4). It is our duty, as citizens and as Christians, to participate in the process. According to the late U.S. Senate Chaplain Richard Halverson, people of faith are more to blame for the nation’s woes than are politicians. Believers who are apathetic “abdicate their responsibility,” he said. He noted that lawmakers have authority to act only “with the consent of the governed. People of faith must understand the issues, vote intelligently, and advise elected representatives.”

Exercising our right to vote in elections is the most fundamental way to participate. Yet, surveys have shown that as few as one-half of church members who are eligible to vote are registered to vote, and not everyone who is registered actually votes on Election Day.

There is a great need for Christians to get out and vote. For this reason Concerned Women for America of California is encouraging voter registration drives and raising voter awareness. Download the What’s Your Vote Worth? brochure and the 2016 Party Platform Comparison. (To print the 2016 Party Platform Comparison simply print it double-sided on 8 ½” x 14” paper.)

How to Conduct a Voter Registration Drive at Your Church in 2016

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#1 Preparation

Get permission. Talk to your pastor or ministry leader about conducting a non-partisan voter registration drive at your church. Church voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities are among the allowable activities under law. Resources that clarify the legality include:

Ask if you can have a voter registration table in the church, preferably in plain view of the congregants as they enter and exit the church.  Make it clear what Sundays you are asking for.

Announce. Ask your pastor to make an announcement during church services and/or include an announcement in the church bulletin that voter registration forms are available and where they are located. Your church may even choose to distribute forms during the service.

 # 2 Materials, Timing and Help

How many? Determine how many voter registration forms you will need.

When? Determine when to have your voter registration drive. Consider the registration deadline (15 days prior to the election) and the time needed to receive a sample ballot (generally four to five weeks prior to the election) in making your decision. The registration deadline for the California Primary is May 22, 2016; for the general election it is October 24, 2016. You could have a Voter Registration Drive for each election if you choose.

Order forms. Order voter registration cards/forms through your local County Elections Office. Find that office at  If you want to have the registration forms mailed to you, allow for processing and mailing time. Note:  The Secretary of State requires any individual, group, or organization requesting 50 or more voter registration cards to complete and submit a Statement of Distribution form and a plan of distribution to the Secretary of State or your local office. The Statement of Distribution from is available on-line at, but you should receive it with your order.  Be certain to complete this form.

Get help. Enlist volunteers to help set up your registration tables and answer questions.

#3 The Drive

Announce. Remind the pastor to make an announcement about the voter registration drive.

Set up. Set up your table at your approved location. Be sure to have plenty of pens available. Consider using balloons or a flag to draw attention to your table. Do not surprise your pastor! Obtain permission for any signage, decorations, etc.

Follow the rules. Although it is legal for you to collect the forms and turn them in, it would be best to have each individual mail in or take in their own registration forms in order to avoid any possible problems. However, if you collect registration forms from the congregants (rather than having them mail their own), be certain to 1) Complete the receipt at the bottom of the form and give it to the registrant; 2) MAIL THE FORM WITHIN THREE DAYS.

Suggest registering online.  For those individuals comfortable with registering online, this option is now available in California.  You may wish to indicate on signage at your table that individuals may register at You may wish to have a laptop computer or other device to allow prospective or current voters to register or check their registration status right at your table.

#4 Cautions

It is advisable to print and read the Voter Registration Guide at and keep a copy at your registration table(s) in case your volunteers or registrants have questions.

Visit for additional information.


Concerned Women for America of California

(858) 829-6064

CWA of Maine Recommends the 40 Days for Life United Rally TONIGHT — and More!

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Dear Friend,

CWA of Maine highly recommends you participate in as many of the upcoming 40 Days for Life activities in Maine as possible. 40 Days for Life is a focused, pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil to end abortion.

The 40 Days for Life UNITED Tour starts tonight in front of the Supreme Court and will make stops in more than 125 cities to hold rallies and prayer vigils that will encourage Christians to stand together for the sanctity of life across the nation. 40 Days for Life is joined by partner organizations for the tour: Concerned Women for America of Maine, March for Life, Heartbeat International, Silent No More Awareness, Students for Life, and Susan B. Anthony List along with numerous city and state pro-life coalition groups.

The bus will be in Maine this Saturday, October 1st.  The 40 Days for Life National Team is visiting all 50 states in 40 days.

  • TONIGHT! September 27: The National Kick-Off Rally will have a live broadcast through Facebook. ‘Like’ the 40 Days for Life Facebook page to watch the event. Many national pro-life leaders from various organizations will be speaking. The event starts at 9:00 p.m.
  • September 28-November 6: Pray and fast to end abortion.
  • October 1: Attend the United for Life bus stop in Augusta for Maine’s rally from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in front of Maine Family Planning, 43 Gabriel Drive in Augusta, Maine, 04330. The list of speakers will include: Penny Morrell from Concerned Women for America, a representative from Susan B. Anthony List, Rep. Ellie Espling (R-Maine) from House District 65, and the representatives from the 40 Days for Life National Team including David Bereit, Shawn Carney and Steve Karlen. Retired Military Chaplin Fr. Jack Dolbec will say the opening prayer and Pastor Samuel Richards of the East Winthrop Baptist Church will say the closing prayer.

More details and photos will be posted on the 40 Days for Life Augusta, Maine Facebook page.  Check it out by clicking the link (you don’t need a Facebook account to view this page).

Hope to see you tonight!

For Life!

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine

CWA of Illinois says, “Get Out the Vote!”

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Dear Friend,

It is election season, and Concerned Women for America of Illinois says, “GET OUT THE VOTE! We’re in a battle for the soul of America, and this election will determine the direction America will go.” It is important to get conservative women and men registered to vote and to the polls this election cycle! I hope you exercise your right as an American by voting in the General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. This is a courtesy reminder that you must be registered to vote by November 8, 2016, in order to vote in the General Election.

Get Involved in Illinois!

To vote in Illinois …
• You must be a United States Citizen.
• You must be 17 years old on or before the date of the Primary Election and turn 18 on or before the date of the General Election.
• You must live in your election precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.
• Not be convicted and in jail.
• Not claim the right to vote anywhere else.

Step #1 – Ensure YOU are registered to vote. (You can register to vote online.)

Go to the Illinois Voter Registration Page at to check the following:
• Voter registration status
• Poll location

Step #3 – Ensure your family and friends are registered to vote. (Forward this e-alert to them.)

For additional information concerning the election, contact the election authorities in your jurisdiction: There you will find:

• Early voting locations
• Elected Officials
• Registration information on file with the county office
• Sample ballot for the upcoming election
• Provisional Ballot Status
(Let the County Clerk know if the voter registration link is not active in your county.)

Step #2- Hold a registration event at your church

We would LOVE to hear back from you if you plan to hold a registration drive! Do not hesitate to contact CWA of Illinois by phone (815-297-2918) or e-mail ( if you have any questions about holding a voter registration drive.

• Vote by mail ballot requests deadlines: BY MAIL through Thursday November 3, 2016; IN PERSON through Monday November 7, 2016.
• Early voting by mail or in person: September 29 – October 11, 2016
• Grace Period voting: October 12 – November 8, 2016
• General Election: November 8, 2016


Step #3- Review the Party Platform Comparison document.

We have included for you a comparison of the party platforms. Click here to view the 2016 Party Platform Comparison. You can review the Republican platform outlined in red and the Democratic platform outlined in blue. We want to urge you to take the time to look these over and pass them out to your neighbors, friends, church leaders, and anyone in your sphere of influence who could benefit from knowing the truth.

Thank you for your action!

Debbie Leininger
State Director
CWA of Illinois

Attend the Values Bus Tour Stop in Washington THIS WEEK!

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bustourmainpageDear Friend,

Concerned Women for America recently mentioned that we are teaming up with the Family Research Council for the Values Bus Tour to help “Get out the Vote” in the states, and CWA of Washington wants to notify you about the upcoming stops in Spokane and Kennewick this week!

Thursday, September 29
1:00-2:00 p.m., MST
Union Gospel Mission
1224 E. Trent Ave.
Spokane, WA 99202

Friday, September 30
1:00-2:00 p.m., MST
Calvary Chapel
10611 W. Clearwater Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336

I strongly encourage you to join the stop and spread the word to your friends and family. If you plan on attending, please let me know! Take a photo of yourself with the bus and tag CWA on social media!
Facebook (Concerned Women for America LAC)

Twitter (@CWforA)

Instagram (ConcernedWomen)
Hope to see you there!

Maureen Richardson
State Director
CWA of Washington