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YWA Testifies on Kansas Female Sports Bill

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On March 6, 2023, Young Women for America (YWA) ‘s Southern Regional Coordinator Julia Campbell testified before the Kansas Senate Committee on Education Hearing in support of HB 2238, a bill presented to ensure that all athletes in female sports are indeed biological females.

Though Julia is no longer an athlete, she did dance for nine years, and as a woman, she shares the concern for the dangers of letting males compete in female sports. As a Regional Coordinator for YWA, Julia believes that “The role assigned by God to men is to protect women, not trample on them by taking advantage of their giftings, dreams, and platforms. Having men in women’s arenas only further pits males and females against each other. The two sexes prosper when they work in complementary tandem, not disparaging tension. Each should prosper in their giftings, not sell themselves so short that they believe they can only achieve success by taking someone else’s reward.”

Read Julia’s statement in full here.

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Julia cares deeply about the issue of keeping female sports for females only because it is one issue in the larger picture of preserving the dignity of being a woman. She bases this belief on how God made man and woman, in His own image, with distinct purposes and identities; we as humans do not have the authority or wisdom to change what God has designed.

HB 2238 passed the Committee on Education on March 7, 2023, and we are looking forward to the day when the option to protect women’s sports in Kansas ends up on Gov. Laura Kelly’s desk.

Left to right: Riley Gaines with Julia Campbell. Riley is one of our friends in the fairness in women's sports coalition.
Left to right: Julia Campbell with Brittany Jones, the Director of Policy and Engagement at Kansas Family Voice.