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Your Prayers and Actions are Needed to Forward the Adoption Protection Act and Choose Life License Plates

By March 19, 2018Kansas
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HB 2687, bill ensures all child welfare providers are free to continue to work with the state of Kansas to find forever homes for children.

Adoption Protection is needed in Kansas.  If not passed, it will leave our adoption agencies open to lawsuits and legislation that would force faith-based adoption agencies to adopt out to same-sex couples, or, shut down.  This has already happened in several states.  Don’t let Kansas be the next.

Thank you for responding to our last e-alert on this topic. Your calls to get a hearing on this bill were effective!  Hearings are now scheduled for tomorrow March 20 and Wednesday, March 21.  Thank you!

The hearing are to be held in Room 346 South at 9:00 a.m. for House Federal and State Affairs and 10:30 a.m. Senate Federal and State Affairs.  March 20 will be proponents and March 21 will be opponents.

Take Action: 

  1. Most important, if at all possible, please attend the hearings. You are needed. The legislators need to know Kansan’s care about their religious freedoms.
  2. HB 2678 is expected to be voted on by the two committees possibly two or three days after the hearings. Therefore, please contact the members of both the House Federal and State Affairs committee and the Senate Federal and State Affairs committee.  Click on each name to contact them.  Encourage them to protect religious freedom by voting for HB 2687.  Be sure to let them know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Kansas.

Please continue to pray for the groups that are banning together, Catholic Charities, American Family Policy, Concerned Women for America of Kansas and many churches.  There will be attacks such as name calling and so forth from opposition.  The legislators also will be getting a lot of pressure.  Pray for courage and fortitude for them

HB 2678, which would allow the state of Kansas to issue special pro-life license plates, has been voted out of the Committee on Transportation and is expected to be voted on any day now in the Senate.

In 2002, a license bill similar to this one passed the House and the Senate, but Gov. Graves vetoed it.  To date, 32 states have passed similar legislation.  It is time for Kansans to be permitted to purchase “Choose Life” license plates. Click here to read and track the bill.

Take Action:  Please contact your Senator and ask him to vote YES on HB 2678.

Click here to find out who your senator is and how to contact her/him.

Give thanks that the bill is going through the process smoothly.  Please pray it will have continued success in the legislative process.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, action, and support of Concerned Women for America of Kansas.


Barbara Saldivar
State Director
CWA of Kansas
P.O. Box 8331
Topeka, KS  66608
(785) 260-5659