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Yorktown Prayer/Action Chapter Hosts Event: THE BIBLE & Homosexuality

By March 10, 2015Virginia
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LWallMeetingOn Sunday afternoon, March 8, 2015, Concerned Women for America of Virginia (CWA-VA) held a “Coffee and Conversations” event in Yorktown, Virginia. Over thirty attended with a number of them being “concerned men.” Prior to speaker Linda Wall giving her testimony of deliverance from homosexuality, State Director Janet Robey gave a wonderful briefing on CWA. She covered CWA’s birth, the seven core issues and an overview of the 2015 General Assembly Session.

The crowd heard about the recent projects of CWA-VA:

Department of Health Board meeting. On December 4, 2014, Dr. Marissa Levine, Commissioner, held a public hearing in an attempt to roll back Virginia’s abortion clinic regulations. There have been 400 violations around the state putting women’s lives in danger.

Annual Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast. This event takes place on the second Wednesday in January which is opening day of the General Session. This year’s speaker was Tony Hall who served Ohio as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He testified about having it all yet still searching as his emptiness drove him to seek Jesus. A clear Gospel presentation was given, and we continue to pray that those who attended would be drawn to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Annual Cookie Drop. On January 19, a dozen volunteers delivered over 160 boxes of homemade cookies to the legislators, pages and security personnel as a “thank you” for their service to our commonwealth.

Encourage-a-Legislator Project. Once again, volunteers adopted a delegate and a state senator for the session. Each week the legislator received a postcard of encouragement. The volunteers also prayed regularly for their “adopted” member of the General Assembly.

Janet Robey concluded by stressing how important voting and participation in policy making is to the Christian and invited all in attendance to get involved in the Yorktown Prayer/Action Chapter.

The speaker, Linda Wall, is no stranger to CWA. She has been a friend and volunteer with CWA for many years. Linda shared how, while attending Longwood College, she abandoned her Christian upbringing and became involved in homosexuality. She was seduced into the homosexual behavior by an older woman. She stressed that it is not genetic.

During her ten years of living the lesbian lifestyle, periodically Jesus would tug at her heart. She began to question what God might have to say about homosexuality. The most profound incident that began her return to Jesus was the night she was walking the Boardwalk at Virginia Beach, and someone had placed Bible tracts along her path; the subject of the tract was “going to hell.”

After sharing her testimony, Linda graciously opened up the floor for questions to the audience. There were many in attendance whose lives had been affected by the homosexual lifestyle in some facet: either a family member or someone they knew.

Linda encouraged everyone to pick up a copy of CWA’s resource, Lies vs. Truth. It covers the top lies of the homosexual revolution, which Linda researched over a period of two years.