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Why You Should Vote – The State of the Nation

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A Note from Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America


As a mom, I can’t help but be concerned about our state and our nation’s future as I watch the massive leadership failures we have witnessed in recent years.


Current radically liberal leadership has failed us and is putting our families at risk. We are not safe.


Our children are not safe in our classrooms. Instead, they are targeted for indoctrination by those pushing radical race and gender-based theories that shame them for the way they were created.


Our economic future is not safe. Radical policies are crushing our bottom line. Everything from gas prices to the cost of meat in the supermarket —not to mention other necessities like healthcare and transportation— is skyrocketing with many red flags on the horizon.


Our streets are not safe. Crime is at an all-time high even as the Left calls for defunding the police.


Children in the womb are certainly not safe. While the Dobbs decision opened the door for states to put restrictions on abortion, some states have moved in the opposite direction and are making an industry of providing abortions.   


Our military is becoming a social experiment with a “woke” philosophy guiding military decision-making and leadership.  After so many of our veterans and their families made great sacrifices in service to our nation, it is hard to see our military being weakened by these philosophies.


This is why CWA will be traveling around our great nation, engaging our communities in a time of prayer for the upcoming election.  We will keep you informed about important election dates and will provide you with information that we pray will be helpful to you and your family and friends as you make your decisions about voting.  Watch for our emails and pass them on to others. 


Vote knowledgeably,

Penny Nance