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What’s Being Asked in Your Patient Portal?

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I was shocked to log onto MyChart, the widely-used online patient portal housing personal medical records and hosting direct communication with health care providers, to see new categories for “patient profile” information. This change has been made in the last year since I first established my profile.

MyChart now deconstructs its patients into several new categories: “sex assigned at birth,” “legal sex,” “gender identity,” and “sexual orientation.” SEX – Male or Female, the only relevant statistic associated with the human body, is not even included as a category.

This change is misleading and dangerous. It is a scientific fact that every person is male or female, determined by chromosomes and reproductive gametes. (Any disorder of sexual development, including “intersex” condition, is not a separate sex category). The sex binary is fixed and objective, NOT subjective or multi-faceted, as MyChart wants us to think.  

Sex is not a feature that is “assigned,” legally determined, or preferential, as presented in MyChart. Being male or female is an irrefutable, immutable reality that distinguishes the human race and determines the natural development of the human body from conception.  Sex is not an option among a list of choices. For medical treatment purposes, whether a person is biologically male or female is critical. 

MyChart is seeding an ideological agenda through its medical information system that directly confronts patients with an obligation to define themselves by culturally-driven“identities” irrelevant to a medical provider’s need to treat their physical bodies. It only proves how activism in health care can intentionally obfuscate facts about the human person and compromise patient well-being.  

MyChart’s deceptive patient profile seeks to embed gender ideology in health care and establishes a tool to erase meaning and truth. This illegitimate, unreasonable request could lead doctors to treat children, as well as adults, in damaging ways.

The general public, especially parents, has no idea how information is used and the harm that results when children are indoctrinated with questions about sexuality. None of this is innocent or value-neutral. It is destructive practice that Does Harm, as one family in Louisiana learned when they realized the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans used its MyChart patient portal to motivate their 13-year-old daughter’s identity crisis. 

Twenty states have passed laws to protect children from damaging radical “sex change” medical procedures. Yet even in these states, every patient, parent, and child in the MyChart system is forced to confront activist, identity-driven questions that should never be sought for purposes of legitimate and practical health care needs.

Americans cannot trust a health care system that seeks to undermine the truth about biological reality and force sexual and gender ideology on its citizens.  Patients are always free to initiate disclosure of any information about themselves they consider relevant directly with their medical provider. The expansive gender and sexuality information sought in MyChart should NEVER be sought online, in forms, or requested by providers as a routine practice.    

Pray for truth and integrity to overrule deception and activism in health care.