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What NCAA Blockbuster Admission Says About the Future of Women Sports

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At a time when the NCAA faces backlash for suppressing women’s achievements, NCAA President Charlie Baker made a blockbuster admission buried on page 18 of a recent letter to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee: “The NCAA has never studied the harm of its policy allowing males identifying as women to participate and compete on women’s teams.”  Not ever.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) posed the question among a series in follow up to Baker’s appearance at a hearing entitled Name, Image, Likeness and the Future of College Sports

Sen. Mike Lee:   Has the NCAA assessed the physical, emotional, psychological harm of its transgender inclusion policy on female athletes? If so, what are the findings? If not, why not?  

Pres. Baker:  The NCAA has not conducted any research related to the current transgender policy. 

That’s a bombshell. The NCAA’s “Transgender Student-Athlete Participation Policy” which sent male Lia Thomas into the women’s locker room and continues to promote males for national titles in women’s sports has never been researched for its (now evident) harm to female athletes.

Doreen Denny, Concerned Women for America’s Senior Advisor, writes about the NCAA admission in this article for