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We Exceeded Our Goal! Petition Number Surpasses Requirement!

By January 19, 2015Texas
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A special thanks to CWA of North Texas Area Director Mary Smith and all of you who diligently prayed and took action to contribute to this exciting victory.

Plano Citizens United reports on victory.

Immediate Release
January 19, 2015

Plano Citizens United
3100 Independence Parkway
Suite 311-112
Plano, TX 75075


Earlier this evening, Plano Citizens United confirmed that they have collected the minimum number of signatures necessary to seek repeal of the ordinance passed in haste by the Plano City Council on December 8th. 3822 signatures were verified by a team of volunteers, as more poured in.

As this is being written, the count reached 5500, with as many as 2000 more expected in the morning, hopefully bringing the total to well over 7000. Volunteers will be working late into the night and tomorrow to verify as many of these signatures as possible before they are turned-in to the City Secretary on Tuesday. This effort will continue until every name is verified.

A spokesperson for the group thanked God for divine intervention and praised the dozens and dozens of volunteers from the diverse coalition that pulled together through the holiday season, to accomplish this remarkable goal. “In spite of the challenges created by the suspect timing of the City Council’s passage of this ordinance, we set a goal to collect twice the minimum number of signatures needed. We want to send a clear message to Mayor LaRosiliere, and Councilmen Miner, Davidson, Smith, and Downs who all voted for this ordinance. You can ignore the citizens at the City Council meeting, but we will make our voices heard with this petition and next May at the polls.”

The initial focus of Plano Citizens United was to collect the required signatures to have the ordinance either repealed or placed on the ballot for the May 2015 elections. “We are certain that once Plano citizens realize the City Council has criminalized religious views about sex and gender, the ordinance will be rejected overwhelmingly at the polls. The citizens of Plano are good and decent and treat one another with respect, so criminalizing the beliefs of our diverse communities of faith does not advance the common good.” said the spokesperson.

Information about the ordinance and repeal efforts is available on the web at