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Watson Pharmaceuticals Makes Abortion Drug “ella” Available

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Washington, D.C. – The company responsible for the new abortion drug “ella” unveiled its website today promoting the drug’s availability. Concerned Women for America (CWA) denounced Watson Pharmaceuticals for making the prescription drug easy to obtain and for deceiving women in its promotional materials.

Wendy Wright, President of CWA, stated:

“The information for doctors admits that ella caused abortions in animal trials, yet the website and information for patients does not warn women of this. Questions were raised that the drug may cause birth defects, yet the FDA allowed the drug company to avoid testing for birth defects. This is a deliberate effort to deceive women who would not otherwise take a drug that could harm their baby.

“Providing the drug through a website means that anyone can buy it any number of times. Watson Pharmaceuticals has made it easy for girls of all ages, or a predatory man who is sexually abusing a girl or who wants to force an abortion on an unwilling woman, to obtain this drug.

“This puts women at risk from men who can slip the drug into their food or drink. Without a doctor’s oversight, girls won’t be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. When a woman experiences complications, the prescribing ‘doctor’ will be as anonymous as a drug dealer in a back alley. Clearly, this will create more health hazards for women.”