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Defund the Smithsonian

By November 30, 2010Blog, Defense of Family
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In a time when families are struggling to pay their mortgages and utility bills, much less buy Christmas presents for their loved ones, the Smithsonian Institution, which is partly funded by American taxpayers, is promoting an exhibit that degrades Christianity and exalts homosexuality.  Is this exhibit, which has been billed as “family-friendly,” really the best use of taxpayer dollars during a recession?

An exhibit including an ant-covered, crucified Jesus and erotic “art” isn’t exactly what I’d picture taking my family to on a Sunday during the Christmas season.  It’s an offensive and wasteful display of “shock” art.  In a time when we are all faced with over $13 trillion in debt, it is wasteful and a ridiculous use of tax dollars.  I urge Congress to swiftly take steps to defund the Smithsonian Institution for their reckless and inexcusable judgment in funding such a project.