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Victory for the Unborn in Missouri!

By July 27, 2017Missouri
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On Tuesday, July 25, HCS SB5 was taken up on the Senate floor. We are pleased to report that all went well; the motion to go to conference was defeated, and HCS SB5 was finally passed by a vote of 22-9. It was signed by Gov. Greitens yesterday afternoon. Click here for the Senate Journal for Tuesday, July 25.

CWA of Missouri Legislative Team member Vicki Leuther stands behind Governor at signing.

Thank you for responding to our last e-alert on this matter with your prayers and your action!

Take Action: “Thank you” calls and/or emails are now in order.

  • Please contact your state senator and thank him/her for voting for HCS SB5. Those who voted ”yea” are listed below. If your senator voted “nay” or was absent, no contact needs to be made.
  • Then if you would contact President Pro Tem Ron Richard at (573)-751-2173 or and Majority Floor Leader, Sen. Mike Kehoe, at 573-751-2076 or and tell them how pleased you are that HCS SB5 went to a vote on Tuesday and passed. They were instrumental in making that happen.
  • If so moved, please contact the sponsor of the bill, Sen. Andrew Koenig at 573-751-5568 (, and thank him for standing strong. He had to withstand a lot of pressure to compromise and allow HCS SB5 to be weakened by the Senate. He stood strong!

There were a couple of other Senators who should be noted – Sen. Bob Onder and Sen. Bill Eigel. Both of these individuals joined in much of the afternoon’s debate with Sen. Andrew Koenig excellently articulating the reasons to adopt the stronger pro-life bill the House sent back to the Senate.

Praise: Join us in thanking the Lord for this great victory!

Thank you again for praying and taking action on one of the strongest pro-life bills to pass our Missouri General Assembly in years!

Bev Ehlen
State Director
CWA of Missouri

Read on to get a little more detail on Tuesday’s activity on the floor. You’ll want to see how your State Senator voted on each point.

Bev Ehlen, State Director, Gina Allen, CWA of Missouri’s Pro-Life Coordinator, and Vicki Leuther, member of our Legislative Team were in the Senate Gallery watching and praying and posting to Facebook.

There was some drama with a motion to go to conference. That motion failed.

Sen. Koenig offered a privileged motion – Motion for the Previous Question. A senator has to have eighteen senators to sign a petition in order to close the debate (stop a filibuster). Here are the names of the twenty the Senators who signed that petition. A special thank you to them!

Andrew Koenig , Daniel Hegeman, Bob Onder , Jay Wasson, Ed Emery, Brian Munzlinger, Dave Schatz, Denny Hoskins, Bill Eigel, David Sater, Paul Wieland, Mike Cunningham, Will Kraus , Dan Brown, Wayne Wallingford, Caleb Rowden, Ron Richard, Jeanie Riddle, Mike Kehoe

The vote to pass the privileged motion which would stop the Democrats’ filibuster of the bill and make it possible to go to a final vote on HCS SB5 was passed. Here are the votes on that motion.

YEAS-19: Brown, Cunningham, Eigel, Emery, Hegeman, Hoskins, Kehoe, Koenig, Kraus, Munzlinger, Onder, Richard, Riddle, Rowden, Sater, Schatz, Wallingford, Wasson, Wieland,

NAYS-12: Curls, Dixon, Holsman, Hummel, Libla, Nasheed, Rizzo, Romine, Schupp, Sifton, Silvey, Walsh

Absent-1: Schaaf

Absent with leave-1: Chappelle-Nadal

Then the final vote on HCS SB5 was taken and passed by the following vote:

YEAS-22: Brown, Cunningham, Dixon, Eigel, Emery, Hegeman, Hoskins, Kehoe, Koenig, Kraus, Libla, Munzlinger, Onder, Richard, Riddle, Romine, Rowden, Sater, Schatz, Wallingford, Wasson, Wieland

NAYS-9: Curls, Holsman, Hummel, Nasheed, Rizzo, Schupp, Sifton, Silvey, Walsh

Absent-1: Schaaf

Absent with leave-1: Chappelle-Nadal


The President declared the bill passed.