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Urgent! The Texas Privacy Act Needs Both Your Prayers and Action Immediately!

By June 1, 2017Texas
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Though the Texas 2017 legislative session has just ended, the Texas Privacy Act, Senate Bill 6, still needs your help.

SB 6 was passed in the Senate but was not even allowed a hearing in the Texas House. It is unacceptable that Texans weren’t allowed to have their voices heard through their elected representatives who wanted to vote on this important bill!

If Gov. Greg Abbott calls a Special Session for SB 6, we can get this piece of legislation back on the table.

SB 6 would have allowed protections for school children by requiring public schools to maintain male and female bathrooms and locker rooms. Additionally, this bill would have provided right-of-conscience protections for business owners who do not want to be forced to provide genderless bathrooms in their businesses.

A special thank you to those who responded to our e-alert requesting that you urge your state representative to support this bill.

Action Items:

  1. Please contact Gov. Abbott IMMEDIATELY at 512-463-2000 and ask him to call a Special Session on the Texas Privacy Act. Tell him that the privacy, safety, and dignity of school children in Texas, as well as the protection of the religious beliefs held by business owners in Texas, matters to you. Let him know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Texas.
  2. Please pass this on to others and ask them to both pray and take action on this important issue right away.

Pray that many people contact the governor to hold a special session for SB 6, that he listens to these requests, and that the State House passes this bill.

Dana Hodges
State Director
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