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Update on ERA and Taxpayer Abortion Bill – Your Prayers and Actions are Needed!

By May 5, 2017Illinois
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The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) passed out of Illinois Senate committees for the 16th time this week and could be voted on by the full Senate as early as next week.  It is possible to stop ERA once and for all in the full Senate because it requires a 3/5 majority vote to pass a constitutional amendment.

The Taxpayer Abortion Bill, HB 40 reinstates taxpayer-funded abortions.  Although Gov. Rauner pledged to veto the bill, it is imperative to prevent HB 40 from getting to his desk!

Make your voice heard now against this legislation to protect the rights of the unbornUrge your state senator to vote “NO” on both the ERA (#SJRCA4) and HB 40.

 A special thank you to those who contacted Gov. Bruce Rauner upon our April 26 request.


  • Contact your state senators today! If you know who he/she is, then click here  to find their contact information. If you don’t know who your senator is, then click here to find out their name and contact information based on your address. Respectfully, yet firmly, insist that he/she oppose the use of tax dollars going to kill pre-born babies and Vote “NO” on HB 40. And, vote “NO” on the ERA, #SJRCA4.  Be sure to let them know that you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Illinois.  Leave a message after hours if you need to do that.
  • Forward this alert to everyone you know – especially your pastor and members of your congregation.

 Pray that:

  • The 100th General Assembly be convicted of the reality that abortion is murder and that they will be held accountable for their votes.
  • Pastors and Christians would rally for the life of the unborn.
  • HB40 and the ERA would be defeated.

“LORD, rescue the unborn from abortion. Forgive us for our complacency.  We say, ‘We knew nothing about this,’ but You who weighs the heart knows everything.” (Proverbs 24:11-12)

Debbie Leininger
CWA of Illinois

Get involved with CWA of Illinois.  There is a place for you.  You are needed!