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Update from CWA of Virginia: This Saturday’s Event in Support of Phillip Zodhiates, Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

By November 29, 2018Virginia
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As you may recall from past e-alerts, Lisa Miller is the biological mother of Isabella through artificial insemination.  For seventeen months, Isabella grew up in a household where a civil union between two women existed. Lisa left homosexuality and dissolved the civil union. In 2004, Judge Prosser of Winchester ruled that Virginia’s Marriage Affirmation Act prohibited Virginia from recognizing civil unions. He deemed Lisa Miller Isabella’s only parent.

Then political and judicial activism started. There was an appeal, and Lisa lost and has been losing ever since. Vermont ordered visitation of Isabella to the former lesbian lover.  Lisa stopped the visits when Isabella began to exhibit emotional trauma.  Lisa and Isabella left the United States to a location unknown in September 2009.

After Lisa left the country, a Vermont judge ordered custody transferred on January 1, 2010, to Janet Jenkins, the former partner of Lisa.  Two individuals were found guilty and served jail time for aiding Lisa and Isabella in leaving the United States.  A third individual, Philip Zodhiates, has been charged and convicted and will report on December 5 to begin serving his 3-year prison sentence.

An event in support of Philip Zodhiates will be held this Saturday, December 1.   Supporters will gather at Gracebuilt Church at 2639 West Main Street in Waynesboro, Virginia.  Several people close to the case will be speaking.  The event will begin at noon and a reception will follow.  Bring a finger food to share. Drinks will be provided.

They ask that you RSVP to

Janet Robey
Prayer/Action Chapter Leader
CWA of Virginia