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UPDATE: The Lisa and Isabella Miller Story

By August 7, 2012Virginia
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Following the lives of Lisa and Isabella is like watching real life Christianity in action. Jesus sets a woman free from homosexuality, forgives her sins and tells her to go and sin no more. She becomes born again, a new creature in Christ with old things being passed away, sins erased and sets out to raise her daughter in the ways of the Lord. But stop. The enemies of the cross have a different plan. They seek to prevent her from obeying the Lord, and Lisa is forced to choose between serving God and serving man. Of course, she chooses to serve God and not give her daughter away to a lesbian lover of her past as ordered by a human judge in Vermont. Somehow, God Almighty orchestrates an escape for Lisa and Isabella that has had those enemies of the cross searching for them for over two years now. Authorities are determined to convict this born again mother for living her Christian faith. In April of this year, Timo Miller (no relation to Lisa) was arrested in connection with Lisa and Isabella’s disappearance. In October, all charges against Timo were dropped. The story continues with a criminal complaint from the Federal Government now being brought against Ken Miller, an Anabaptist pastor from Virginia (again, no relation to Lisa). Dates for a hearing have been set. The Pre-Trial Conference is July 17, and the Jury Draw will be August 7. The hearing may be followed by visiting Prayers thanking God for the continued safety of Lisa and Isabella, salvation for Lisa’s former partner as well as comfort and peace for Pastor Miller and his family are encouraged.