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Back from the Dead – Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund Is Still a Threat!

By August 6, 2020California
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We had been assured that the dangerous Assembly Bill 2218 was not going to be heard by the Senate Health Committee and thereby dead for this year. However, it seems the transgender lobby exerted enough pressure on Committee Chair Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) to have him place AB 2218 on a new Health Committee hearing Monday, August 10. In the last weeks of this session, policy committees were to limit the number of bills to be heard, due to the lengthy COVID-19 recess, and prioritize bills that had relevance to the present crisis.

AB 2218 would not seem to fit this category. To recap, AB 2218 establishes a Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund to encourage, promote, and provide the means for sex-change operations, cross-sex hormones, and puberty-blocking drugs to minors. This fund “shall be available to a hospital, health care clinic, or other medical provider that currently provides gender-affirming health care services, such as hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery.” Monies of an unknown amount will be appropriated as the legislature deems necessary with taxpayer dollars. Read our previous alert here.

Right now, many girls and boys are becoming part of a dangerous phenomenon in which, unsatisfied with their bodies, they are being pressured into disfiguring and dangerous operations and puberty-blocking drugs. These “treatments” can cause irreversible damage, rendering them infertile and in chronic pain. For females, such medical measures have included mutilation, such as cutting off breasts. For both males and females, they lose child-bearing abilities.

We thank you so much for the calls you have already made to the Senate Health Committee members to ask them to oppose this legislation that undermines a child’s identity, the sanctity of womanhood and manhood, and uses California tax dollars to do so. Now we need your voices and prayers again in advance of Monday’s hearing.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) of California asks you to help us once again send a strong message that we oppose AB 2218.

Take Action!

  1. Please call the offices of the nine Senate Health Committee members and urge them to oppose AB 2218. Please try to reach as many offices as you can and politely share your concerns about using your tax dollars for this fund. These are minors and adults who need compassionate counseling care, not dangerous “treatments” that cause infertility, ongoing health problems, and disfiguring surgeries that cannot be reversed. The office contact information is directly below my signature line. Be sure to let them know you are a member of Concerned Women for America of California.
  2. Forward this alert to your community of prayer warriors, family, and friends as a call to pray and action.

“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

Please pray: Lord, most urgently, we pray for this bill’s journey to end in the Senate Health Committee and progress no further. We pray especially that You would provide wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to our legislators. May You open their eyes to what is good for our young children. Lord may Your will be done in California. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Marlo Tucker
State Director

Please call these committee members’ offices:

Sen. Richard Pan (Chair)
Democrat – District 6
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4006
District Offices
Sacramento, (916) 651-1529 or (916) 262-2904

Sen. Melissa A. Melendez (Vice Chair) (says she will vote “NO” on AB 2218)
Republican – District 28
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4028
District Offices
Murrieta, (951) 894-3530
Indio, (760) 398-6442

Sen. Lena A. Gonzalez
Democrat – District 33
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4033
District Offices
Long Beach, (562) 256-7921
Huntington Park, (323) 277-4560

Sen. Shannon Grove (says she will vote “NO” on AB 2218)
Republican – District 16
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4016
District offices
Bakersfield, (661) 323-0443
Yucca Valley, (760) 228-3136

Sen. Melissa Hurtado
Democrat – District 14
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4014
District Offices
Bakersfield, (661) 395-2620
Hanford, (559) 585-7161
Fresno, (559) 264-3070

Sen. Connie M. Leyva
Democrat – District 20
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4020
District Offices
San Bernardino, (909) 888-5360
Pomona, (909) 469-1110

Sen. Holly J. Mitchell
Democrat – District 30
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4030
District Office: (213) 745-6656

Sen. Bill Monning
Democrat – District 17
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4017
District Offices
San Luis Obispo, (805) 549-3784
Monterey, (831) 657-6315
Santa Cruz, (831) 425-0401

Sen. Susan Rubio
Democrat – District 22
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4022
District Office: (626) 430-2499