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To the Women Who Trusted Planned Parenthood

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As I was driving into D.C. today, I was struck by how many “Help After Abortion” stickers I saw. Don’t get me wrong; it’s fantastic to get the word out about a post-abortion service through a bumper sticker, but I started to think about the pro-life movement’s relationship with the women to whom these bumper stickers speak.

We talk about the children harmed by abortion and, to an extent, we talk about the women, too, but why is that where our conversation ends? Why is that the only communication the pro-life movement has with our fellow women, who are just as broken as we are and currently going through a traumatic time in their lives?

To the women who trusted Planned Parenthood when they told you your child was nothing more than a blob of cells …

I am so sorry. I don’t think the pro-life movement says it enough. We furiously make signs and hold protests to save children at risk of abortion, but very few times do we slow down enough to address the women who have already made the choice — the ones who knew no other option, or even those who knew they had a choice, made the wrong one, and wish they could take it back.

I am so sorry for the pain you are going through right now, and I need you to know three things:

First, you are not alone. Studies show that 55% of women regret their abortion. Many women were in your exact position, chose the exact same thing, and are going through what you’re going through. You are no worse than anyone else.

Second, you are deeply, ferociously loved. None of us in the pro-life movement are angry with you, and we don’t hate you. We want to move forward with you. In fact, plenty of women in our ranks have made the same choice you did, and that’s the reason they do what they do.

If anyone from our side has made you feel less-than or demonized, please do not let them taint your view of the right-to-life movement. This does not define you, and it does not affect your value in any way. Jesus paid the ultimate price so that, if you let Him, He can take every single sin from you.

Lastly, your experience has given you an opportunity. You have the power to speak up and change hearts and minds like very few people do. As a Planned Parenthood survivor, you have authority and credibility to help save women who are in the same position you were.

Do not, whatever you do, let the left silence you. They would like to stifle anyone who speaks out against abortion, but especially women like you who are a threat to their lie that “abortion helps women.”

Do not rush your healing, but when you’re ready, we are here with open arms, excited for you to join us in rescuing babies and women alike from the tragedy of abortion.