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Three Breaking News Concerns Regarding North Carolina’s Elections

By December 12, 2016North Carolina
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Dear North Carolinian friends,

As State Director of Concerned Women for America (CWA) of North Carolina, I feel led to make a few statements regarding the recent issues we are facing in North Carolina.

First off, by now, you probably have heard that Judge James A. Wynn, Jr., an Obama appointee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, has ruled that the North Carolina legislature must redraw its districts by March 15, 2017, and hold both primary and general elections again in November, 2017. This would be the same Judge Wynn who overturned North Carolina’s Voter I.D. law in July of this year. Also, Anita Earls, Executive Director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ), who was a member of the State Board of Elections before resigning to sue the state over the 2010 redistricting maps, is speaking as one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers. Ms. Earls praised this ruling stating, “A special election in the affected districts in 2017 is the best way to protect the rights of all North Carolinians.”

However, we at CWA of North Carolina believe the citizens of North Carolina are already protected, and this provision will aggrieve those citizens who have spoken during the 2016 election. The district maps were sufficient while Democrats ruled both chambers in the state as well as the Governor’s Mansion for over 140 years; yet now, as Republicans are gaining ground these last few years, the Democrats suddenly find these maps “unfair.”

Secondly, some on the Left are pushing false information about a “declining” economy in North Carolina due to HB2. But, the reality is that North Carolina is the only state that has appeared every year in the top five of the Forbes Best States study.  And, despite the dismal announcements from the Left of a “lost economy because of HB2,” North Carolina continues to attract new companies with anticipated excellent job growth in our state long after HB2 was announced.

Lastly, on that same note, we are sad to learn that Gov. Pat McCrory has conceded his gubernatorial race; he did so with an eloquent and gracious concession speech. We wish him and his lovely wife, Ann, well during this holy Christmas season and as they transition into their new life outside of the Governor’s Mansion. Gov. McCrory courageously withstood the vicious attacks from groups whose political agenda was to destroy our Governor and those who stand boldly for righteousness, truth and liberty.  It is for this reason that Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee proudly supported his candidacy for Governor and endorsed his re-election campaign in September 2016.

We are grateful to our Governor for the important things he has done to improve North Carolina over the last four years. Here are just a few of the examples of the excellent legacy he will leave behind:

  • In 2013 Gov. McCrory signed a crucial pro-life bill, S.353, which ensures that North Carolinians (1) will not be forced to pay for abortions through insurance sold in the health insurance exchange established under the federal Obamacare law, (2) protects unborn children who would be killed through sex-selective abortion, (3) “ensure(s) that standards for clinics certified by the Department address the on-site recovery phase of patient care at the clinic, protect patient privacy, provide quality assurance, and ensure that patients with complications receive the necessary medical attention, while not unduly restricting access” and (4) further protects mothers from dangerous web-cam abortions.
  • In 2015 Gov. McCrory signed another crucial pro-life bill, HB465, which now (1) requires a 72-hour informed consent waiting period for abortion, (2) requires annual inspections of abortion clinics, (3) expands the information abortionists have to report to the state when they conduct an abortion after the 16th week of pregnancy, (4) prohibits abortion clinics from employing individuals less than 18 years of age, (5) requires physicians who perform abortions to be certified in obstetrics or gynecology or have significant training in this area, and (6) along with other changes to further protect the safety and welfare of women and children.
  • Under Gov. McCrory, education has greatly improved both for the student as well as for the teacher.
  • McCrory leaves behind an honorable legacy of protecting the safety and privacy of women and children. Of course, we’re talking about HB2, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act. We thank Gov. McCrory for allowing North Carolina to be a shining light of Christ to the world. We have been a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14).
  • Finally, when others were so deeply involved in their own 2016 election campaigns, Gov. McCrory was putting others before himself. He was not present at numerous campaign stops because he was busy caring for the citizens who were devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Let us sincerely thank and be in prayer for Gov. McCrory and our other strong legislators who have stood fearlessly all year in the face of such great resistance. Never before has it been more important to give thanks and encouragement to them. Please reach out to Gov. McCrory and others with personal letters, emails or phone calls:

  1. Click here to thank and encourage Gov. Pat McCrory by email. You can also reach him by phone at (919) 814-2000 or (919) 814-2050, or on Facebook at Office of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
  2. Governor Dan Forest: (919) 733-7350 or
  3. Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-District 26): (919) 733-5708
  4. House Speaker Tim Moore (R-District 1111): (919)733-3451
  5. Dan Bishop (R-District 104), who introduced HB2: (919) 715-3009
  6. If you know that your legislator(s) supported HB2, be sure to thank him/her/them (Representatives) (Senate).

Of course, we will be praying for Governor-Elect Cooper. At the same time, it will be of the utmost importance that We the People remain vigilant and in touch with our legislators like Governor-Elect Cooper to hold them accountable.

That said, regardless of the situations we find ourselves in, we at CWA of North Carolina will continue to fight for Biblical principles. Thank you for how you’ve helped us to do just that this past year. As we approach Christmas, we are reminded that we have so much to hope in as we rest in the salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In this season of hope, we wish you the Lord’s peace and joy.

 Psalm 3:3-8
“But you, O Lord, are a shield about me,
my glory, and the lifter of my head.
I cried aloud to the Lord,
and he answered me from his holy hill. Selah
I lay down and slept;
I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.
I will not be afraid of many thousands of people
who have set themselves against me all around.
Arise, O Lord!
Save me, O my God!
For you strike all my enemies on the cheek;
you break the teeth of the wicked.
Salvation belongs to the Lord;
your blessing be on your people!”

 Romans 12:12 
“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Romans 15:13  
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Joyfully serving,

Jill Coward
State Director