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The Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes the House

By June 30, 2011Ohio
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Thank you!!

Your phone calls to Speaker Batchelder and the 99 State Representatives were heard!

God answered our prayers!

On June 28, 2011, the Heartbeat Bill passed the Ohio House of Representatives 54 to 44!

Now we move to the Ohio Senate.

There are two action steps needed now.

Step 1: Call your State Senator and tell them to support the bill and to be on board when it gets to their desk! Click here to find out who your senator is and how to contact him/her.

Step 2: Please send thank you notes to Speaker Batchelder and the other representatives who voted YES in the Ohio House. The 54 YES votes—the good guys—are listed below. Pro-life groups and leaders are encouraged to send all 54 of these reps. a thank you note. If you can only do one or two, send them to the Speaker & your own rep. or pick a handful of reps. from your general area of the state. We owe them a huge thank you!!!!

Address cards like this …


Rep. Joe Blow
Ohio House of Representatives
77 South High St
Columbus OH 43215

Speaker Bill Batchelder, Rep. John Adams, Richard Adams, Ron Amstutz, Nan Baker, Troy Balderson, Pete Beck, Terry Blair, Lou Blessing, Terry Boose, Andrew Brenner, Danny Bubp, Jim Buchy, Dave Burke, Jim Butler, John Carey, Courtney Combs, Margy Conditt, Rex Damschroder, Tim Derickson, Mike Dovilla, Randy Gardner, Anne Gonzales, Bruce Goodwin, Cheryl Grossman, Robert Hackett, Christina Hagan, Dave Hall, Bill Hayes, Mike Henne, Jay Hottinger, Matt Huffman, Terry Johnson, Casey Kozlowski, Al Landis, Ron Maag, Jarrod Martin, Jeff McClain, Todd McKenney, Robert Mecklenborg, Craig Newbold, Bob Peterson, Kristina Roegner, Cliff Rosenberger, Margaret Ann Ruhl, Kirk Schuring, Barbara Sears, Lynn Slaby, Robert Sprague, Peter Stautberg, Andy Thompson, Joe Uecker, Lynn Wachtmann (Wachtmann was the prime sponsor; thank him extra!), and Ron Young (Total 54)

Click here to find out who your representative is.

All the Democratic State Reps. voted against us. Five Republican State Reps. joined the Democrats & voted against us. The five Republicans who OPPOSED this most PRO-LIFE bill were: Anielski, Duffey, Hollington, McGregor, & Stebelton.

Read more on the House vote.

Listen to a multi-media interview on this topic.

Please FORWARD THIS to every pro-life contact in OHIO.


Bobbi Radeck
State Director
CWA of Ohio