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The Liberated with Truth Conference 2014 – A real conversation about the ‘War on Women’

By May 7, 2014Virginia
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The alarm clock rudely interrupts my dreams, inciting an early morning war with my flesh. “Why did you agree to man the table for CWA at such an early event? Don’t you know it’s Saturday?” As I prepare for the day, I calm my flesh with words like, “McDonald’s breakfast”, “Hanging with my CWA gal pal”, “You are doing what the Lord wants you to do”, and my flesh complies.

Oh, but our flesh is only quieted for so long before we hear the grumblings, “A women’s conference – are you ready to get emotional, using every tissue shoved in the black hole of your purse?” I’m a sucker for a sad story, an emotional testimony. Again quieting my flesh, I’m attending to run the Concerned Women for America table. I’m there to present the facts about who we are and for what we stand. The women attending can get a brochure, e-mail alerts, or join the organization. In this uber-mixed up backward world where right is wrong and wrong is applauded, I believe others need to know there is an organization where conservative women’s voices are heard.

My friend Cathy and I arrived at the event, hurriedly arranging the table goodies including brochures, pictures, and business cards, as we talked to ladies about the organization. It was such an encouragement and delight that our table was next to Family Foundation with our good friends Roger Pogge, Jackie Gonzalez, and her two adorable daughters. At first, it was “hurry, hurry tell me quickly what CWA is about,” until we began falling into our own comfortable spiels as we had more women coming by our table. The women smiled and nodded in agreement as I confided with them the feeling of being overwhelmed at constant bad news. The change for me was when I joined a group of like-minded women, CWA, and started attending a Prayer/Action Chapter in my local area. When a group of women pray, our feelings of helplessness, being alone, and feeling defeated, turns into the lifting of our heads, strengthening of each other, and being renewed. The peace of God fills and readies us to continue in the battle for our families and culture.

We were ushered into the auditorium, the first conference speaker entered the stage, and my critical flesh whispered, “I bet I’ve already heard what they will speak about today.” Terry Beatley, member of Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Directors, was first. She talked about her interview with Dr. Bernard Nathanson and his testimony concerning getting abortion legal through lies. I really wanted to hear more about this man and wished that she’d continue telling her story instead of introducing other speakers. As my flesh quieted, I heard a theme throughout the conference from Thomas Mathus’s (a popular English cleric and scholar) quote, “A seed always replicates its own kind.” Beatley, explained Nathanson’s unbelief in God, his population control ideologies replicated seeds that swept away morals of this nation and around the world. Such was the seed of Margaret Higgins Sanger; her philosophy adopted from Thomas Mathus which lead her to promote uninhibited sex with a wide range of rich sexually perverted friends and her run-ins with the law making her flee to Canada. Then she had a deliberate public image change assisted by her friend Erns Rudin of Nazi Germany (i.e. think concentration camps- extermination of the Jews). A change so she wouldn’t be viewed as a radical in order to ultimately sell the public on eugenics presented as a global necessity.

Each speaker presented historical evidence and current statistics on a number of women’s issues ranging from Black Eugenics, Human Trafficking, Birth Control Risks, Pain of Abortion, Dressing for Success, Worldview, Economics, Sexual Abuse and The Power of Cross Generational Collaboration. When Mallory Quigley, President of Susan B. Anthony List, spoke about Abortion Law and Human Trafficking I thought how my pastor’s wife and her ministry group would have loved to be here to listen to the presentation. Then when Dr. Day Gardner, President of National Black Pro-Life Union, spoke about the effects of abortions on Black America, how I wished our liaison at our church for Pro-Life events had been sitting next to me. Dr. Gardner also spoke about attending the horrific trial of Dr. Gosnell, the late term abortionist, seeing the heinous pictures and listening to the eye witness testimonies of the crimes he committed. In this mixed up world where wrong is applauded, there was a chance for him to somehow, some way be allowed to continue in his atrocities and not be held responsible and worse yet – esteemed like Margaret Sanger. Therefore, I’m so grateful Dr. Gardner was present at the trial praying in the court room for a conviction. The importance of pro-life people to show up and be present cannot be stressed enough, for where there is light, the darkness must recede.

Terry Beatley again presented this time to speak about Margaret Sanger before introducing another set of speakers. She spoke about the seed of Margaret Sanger replicating through Planned Parenthood in our generation through the sex education of our children to have uninhibited sex and giving video instructions on masturbation, bondage, self-mutilations, and exploring homosexual sex acts. If they can get enough children to believe they are homosexual – natural eugenics are at work, they can’t reproduce and, therefore, won’t burden the planet with children. The Planned Parenthood marketing tool is to make money – a devious scheme – a sexual sabotaging scam which teaches children how to have sex, opt out of the consequences of pregnancy, and line their pockets from the money of abortions. Beatley further spoke about Planned Parenthood giving out a Margaret Sanger award every year. Last year it was Hillary Clinton, and this year it is Nancy Pelosi who gleefully received the Margaret Sanger award touting late term abortions as “sacred ground.” Many women have bought the lie; a child is a burden, an end to your freedom, and a life altering shameful choice solidifying our modern eugenics costing us generations of genocide.

However, there is hope! Yes, there is hope as I listened to Leslie Davis Blackwell as passionate communicator with Silent No More-Regional co-coordinator for Virginia, who gave her testimony of dealing with the consequences of her abortion grief and despair. She became a radical feminist to cope and then concluded about being transformed and forgiven. Again I heard a second whisper of hope louder than the first as Beatley explained the change of heart of Dr. Nathanson, who convinced a nation through a web of deceit that abortions should be legal and would be good for women. After aborting hundreds of babies and making the way for millions of babies to be aborted, he saw a newly developed sonogram with a clear picture of inside the womb and asked for a priest, repented, and turned away from abortion. He was denigrated in the world of medicine for publishing articles explaining there is a second patient in the womb that yawns, furrows its brows, sucks its thumb, and feels pain. The world was not ready to hear the truth back in the 70’s. However, even a repentant doctor needs hope, and Terry Beatley promised to tell his story and to get the word out that abortion is not love.
“Tell me more! Tell me more Terry Beatley.” As if she heard my thoughts, she tells us they are planning a two-day event, and she is in the process of writing a book about Dr. Bernard Nathanson. She introduces the next speaker Gigi McMillan, President of Kamisol Style, and she shared how as a former Human Resource manager she witnessed a highly qualified woman being denied a position simply because she didn’t dress the part. Her ministry is to help women learn how to dress for success. Margaret Sanger’s public relations flashed to my mind and an old quote I heard years ago, “You can’t sell the dream if you look like a nightmare.” Is my appearance a deterrent? Do I need or do we need a public relations image change to get the word out? And what can we do about the reverse of Sanger’s ideology? Can we say that one righteous man or woman can influence a nation for right and truth? Would not the one good seed give birth to another and another?

What can happen when many righteous seeds join together? I think about the reasons I joined Concerned Women for America. CWA keeps us informed and educated about legislation on the federal and state level. I have the privilege to pray with like-minded women which as I said before, strengthens each of us and readies us to put our feet into action. Had I not joined, I would have missed out on the camaraderie of my CWA gal pals in the numerous activities we’ve done to stand and make a difference. We’ve lobbied for pro-life, pro-family legislation and for the end of abortion in D.C. and our Virginia General Assembly the last couple of years.

Last we heard from Gabrielle Jackson, Power Behind the Multi-Generational Approach; she exuded a contagious excitement speaking about the hopes of her generation to change the course of our culture by teaming together with multiple generations of like-minded women. Again I thought about CWA and their division of Young Women for America; YWA is expanding to college campuses all over the United States, and we already have the multi-generational approach in the beginning stages. And just like Jackson, we are excited and ready for battle. I encourage women to join us at CWA. Be a part of the half a million women renewed, ready, and excited to be an active part of the changing of the culture. And wow, what a great seminar by Virginia Alliance! I can’t wait to tell my church family, friends, and Facebook crowd about the next two day event! I would be privileged to man the next CWA table at any event by Terry Beatley, and hurry, Terry, hurry write, write, write that book!