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The Human Life Amendment Reflects North Dakota’s Values

By March 27, 2014North Dakota
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CWA of North Dakota highly recommends this piece distributed on March 27 by ND Choose Life coalition.  CWA of North Dakota State Director Janne Myral is a coalition member and leader within ND Choose Life.

The Human Life Amendment Reflects North Dakota’s Values

Dear Friends,

The other day I heard someone talk about “North Dakota Values” and I knew just what they meant – hard work, self-reliance, common sense, honesty, the importance of strong families, treating people fairly, etc. Our legislators in Bismarck pass laws that reflect our values, laws based on commonsense and fairness.

North Dakota’s laws regarding abortion reflect this common sense. Abortion is legal in our state up to 20 weeks, and longer in cases of medical emergency. But our laws also respect the precious gift of life and the importance of protecting women and children. That’s why we don’t allow the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure, or allow abortions to achieve sex selection, or permit abortions to end the life of someone who might be disabled. And it’s why we protect the rights of women and parents by ensuring that abortions can only be performed by licensed physicians who have hospital admitting privileges in case of emergencies, that women be given full disclosure on the risks of abortions, and that parents be consulted before a minor daughter can have an abortion.

But there are some outside groups who do not share our North Dakota values and they want to impose extremist abortion laws including an unfettered “right” to abortion into the ninth month of pregnancy virtually without limit. These outside groups profit from abortions – some to the tune of over $500 million a year – and they are bound and determined to resist any common sense limit on abortion. To stop the Legislature from passing pro-life laws, these extremist groups have come to our state (and over a dozen other states) and filed lawsuits seeking the unlimited right to abortion on demand in North Dakota. Incredibly, they have convinced judges to find an implicit “right” to abortion in our state constitution, which is then used to overturn prolife laws passed by the Legislature.

The Legislature – with strong support from members of both parties – put the Human Life Amendment on the ballot to stop these extremist, outside groups based in New York, Washington DC and California from undermining our commonsense laws on abortion. The Amendment protects our laws by providing that everyone’s inalienable right to life be recognized and protected, which will prevent outside groups from getting a judge to find some unstated, implied right to abortion on demand in any circumstance.

As North Dakotans, we must stand with our Legislature in support of the Human Life Amendment to stop the onslaught from extremist, outside groups. Will you help us stop this extremism from infiltrating our state by donating $500, $250, or $100 or whatever you can afford?

I applaud the bi-partisan majority of the state Legislature that passed the Human Life Amendment. This spirit of cooperation across party lines itself reflects our North Dakota values.

By passing the Human Life Amendment this fall, we can protect the reasonable laws that our Legislature passed from the heavy-handed outside interference that has upended the peoples’ will in twelve other states. We are not New York, Washington DC or California and we don’t need outside extremists coming into our state, using our courts, to impose their values on us.

The time to act is RIGHT NOW. Will you partner with us TODAY so we can pass the Human Life Amendment and preserve our reasonable pro-life laws that have already been passed with the support of legislators from both parties?

Thanks so much for your interest in promoting and defending life. Please go to our website to register your support. Together, we can protect life in our state!

Janne Myrdal
Chairwoman of ND Choose Life

P.S. Please forward this email to at least five of your friends and urge them to join us in defending life in North Dakota.