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Intrusive Sex-Education Survey in Wisconsin Schools

By March 28, 2014Wisconsin
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Did you know across the state of Wisconsin high school students are being subjected to surveys and class study on pre-marital sex? Last week my grandson brought home an assignment titled “Am I Ready?” The paper asked a series of inappropriate questions that arguably promoted the thinking that sex is common and such activity as minors is normal.

In addition the teacher did a chalk board explanation of the difference between Heterosexual and Homosexual and why it is acceptable behavior.

What are our children to think?

Yesterday Dr. Vic Eliason took up this issue on his radio show, VCY America – Crosstalk. Please take a few minutes to listen to this important podcast.

In addition here is a letter to the editor published in the Vilas County News Review by my daughter that is a must read.

We must get involved with what our tax dollars are supporting and, more importantly, what our children are being exposed to in classes across the state. We need YOU to call your school, and ask them for copies of the health curriculum and teacher guides. We need to develop a network of Concerned Women in Wisconsin who are willing to organize and work to offer solutions to this type of inappropriate teaching.

Can I count on you to join us? Please consider sending me a reply and signing up to be a part of this effort.

Please consider donating to this effort as well. All tax-deductible gifts will go to help CWA of Wisconsin lead on these and other issues that must be addressed if we are to save any remnant of our moral fabric.

We will be leading this effort from Eagle River for today, but we must make this a state-wide effort if we are to be successful at ending this secular humanistic curriculum that is currently sweeping through our public schools.

Please listen to and read the information provided in this e-mail. Let me know how you feel about this. I would welcome your call or e-mail at any time.

With your help, we can send a clear message of life and moral well-being for all of God’s children.