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The DOJ Just Can’t Quit Trump – This Is What the Founders Warned About

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How much money, time, effort and resources has our government spent going after Donald J. Trump? Why? Has any of it made our lives better in any way?

You would think that after the spectacular embarrassment that was the Russia collusion hoax, they would just lay low. But no, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Co. cannot quit Trump, and they are sacrificing the country to “get him.”

The source of their latest outrage? Trump believes he won the 2020 election. Yes, Hillary Clinton believes she won the 2016 election (as do many others), but that’s different because, you know, “he’s EVIL”!

“Get Trump” is evidently the No. 1 priority at the U.S. Department of Justice. And when you look at the comatose way the DOJ pursues the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, which featured the brutal sex trafficking of underage girls for the powerful elite, you can’t help but stare bewildered…

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