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The Big Pink Bus Heads Across the South

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Days Nine and Ten found the She Prays She Votes big pink bus traveling through the southern states on our way to the target states of Nevada and Arizona.  But we could not pass up the opportunity to gather our Concerned Women for America (CWA) friends as we passed through the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 

In Alabama, we stopped in Hoover at Hoover Tactical and were joined by a great crowd of enthusiastic citizens.  Miss Tuscaloosa Teen, Ali Joy Mims, sang The Star Spangled Banner, and former state representative Paul DeMarco welcomed everyone.  Eunie Smith, head of Eagle Forum in Alabama, thanked CWA for joining Eagle Forum in their fight to squash subpoenas from the Department of Justice.  Just this week, Eagle Forum won that case!  Annabelle Rutledge, CWA’s Young Women for America (YWA) National Director, introduced Susanna Edgecomb, who is YWA’s Chapter President at the University of Alabama.  Susanna shared her story of how she came to YWA.  Annabelle and Jenna Ellis, attorney and host of the Jenna Ellis Show, challenged the people to remember what an incredible privilege it is for us to be able to exercise the right to vote.  When we vote, we vote to protect the God-given rights that were enumerated for us in the Declaration of Independence. 

Ridgeland, Mississippi, (just outside of Jackson) was our second stop on Day Nine.  The highlight of our stop in Mississippi was a visit from Attorney General Lynn Fitch.  AG Fitch is a hero of the pro-life movement as she fought the Dobbs case all the way to the Supreme Court, where we saw the overthrow of Roe v. Wade.  A large crowd welcomed AG Fitch and thanked her for standing strong.  Annabelle and Jenna joined in thanking AG Fitch for her hard work.  All of them emphasized that elections have consequences.  We are where we are on the life issue because of the people who have been voted into positions of authority.   A huge thank you to Dick and Melodie Tunney (Melodie works for CWA part-time) and Jack and Tammy Lane for providing the bus crew with a home-cooked meal and wonderful southern hospitality!

Day Ten found us traveling across Louisiana headed to Houston.  We stopped off in Covington, where our Louisiana State Director, Laura Huber, and her great team put on a great event in the parking lot at Lakeshore Church.  Our very special guest at the Covington stop was Rep. Steve Scalise, Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives!  It was such a privilege to welcome Rep. Scalise to the SPSV bus tour.  Listen to his comments on Facebook Live

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