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The Battle for Life Continues in North Dakota as the Courts Strike Down Heartbeat Legislation

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July 23, 2015



The Battle for Life Continues in North Dakota

as the Courts Strike Down Heartbeat Legislation


Bismark, N.D. — Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed a lower court’s ruling striking down North Dakota’s heartbeat legislation.  Penny Nance CEO and President of Concerned Women for America (CWA) said:

Though we are obviously disappointed by the ultimate outcome of the case, the Eighth Circuit gave us a thoughtful decision that outlines the many impervious, unwise and plainly unscientific aspects of the Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence.  We are encouraged by the court’s careful approach at this difficult issue.

CWA members are committed to the protection of every human child in North Dakota and around the country to restore the Founders’ vision of the intrinsic value and dignity of every human life as given by our Creator.  This small setback will not deter us one bit.

Janne Myrdal, State Director for CWA of North Dakota, had this to say:

You know we have a problem in our country on this issue when courts are required to follow the Supreme Court’s definition of “viability” ignoring many medical professionals and clear scientific advances.  The Eighth Circuit itself recognizes that “the [Supreme] Court’s viability standard has proven unsatisfactory.”

Most important of all is the court’s recognition that such matters are “better left to the states, which might find their interest in protecting unborn children better served by a more consistent and certain marker than viability.” It’s time for the court’s to stop imposing its view of the “meaning of life” on the country.  The time has come for this sort of judicial tyranny to end.


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