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Tell Gov. Rauner to ‘VETO’ the Muslim American Advisory Council

By July 19, 2016Illinois
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“Illinois to Create Official State Government Muslim Council”

 SB 574 – MUSLIM AMERICAN ADVISORY COUNCIL–  is on Gov. Rauner’s desk.  If it becomes law, Illinois would become the first state with a law on the books that gives Muslims a formal voice in government.

The 21-volunteer member council

  • would be appointed by the governor and leaders in the House and Senate.
  • would advise the governor and the General Assembly on issues affecting Muslim Americans and immigrants, including relations between Illinois and Muslim-majority countries.
  • would serve as liaisons between state agencies and communities across Illinois through monthly meetings and two public hearings per year.

Members would serve two-year terms to advise in areas that include higher education, business, international trade, law, immigration and health care. Staff members from certain state agencies would serve as ex-officio members.


  1. There are no councils to represent the interests of other faiths in Illinois. SB 754 states: “Muslims are the third largest religious group in the State of Illinois after Roman Catholics and independent Evangelical Christians.”  Where are the councils to represent the other faiths?
  2. SB 574 violates Article One, Section three of the Illinois Constitution.

. . . No person shall be required to attend or support any ministry or place of worship against his consent, nor shall any preference be given by law to any religious denomination or mode of worship.

  1. Sharia Law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and every State Constitution.

“Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to institute it”. – Pamela Geller

Tell Gov. Bruce Rauner to VETO this bill.  Without a VETO, SB 574 will become law.  He has 60 days, but could act sooner.


  • Pray that Gov. Rauner will ‘VETO’ the Muslim American Advisory Council.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the lives of our Governor, his family, and the Illinois General Assembly.
  • Pray that the original intent of the Illinois U.S. Constitution will be upheld by lawmakers.


  • Contact Bruce Rauner. Strongly request that he VETO SB 574.
  • Urge your friends, family, and your church to contact Gov. Rauner. Tell him to ‘VETO’ SB 574.


The governor’s public comment lines are 217-782-0244 and 312-814-2121. They are not taking names and addresses – only tallies that they send to the governor at the end of each day.

Be strong and courageous!  Don’t be afraid or discouraged … for there is a power far greater on our side!  We have the Lord our God to help us and fight our battles for us.  2 Chronicles 32:7-8