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Take a Stand Today to Protect the Citizens of Maine From Cities that do not Uphold the Law!

By April 24, 2017Maine
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Last Thursday CWA of Maine testified in favor of L.D. #366 before the Judiciary Committee.  L.D. #366 is an excellent bill introduced by Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst), “An Act to Ensure Compliance with Federal Immigration Law and Local Government Entities.”  Rep. Lockman thanked CWA of Maine publicly for testifying in favor of the bill and said we were the “only Maine-based conservative force” besides his, New England Opportunity Project (NEOP), fighting to end Harboring Havens.

This Wednesday the Judiciary Committee will vote on L.D. #366.

Many open-borders organizations and the ACLU of Maine, along with unruly protestors, opponents of the bill, didn’t play by the rules given by Chairman Matt Moonen (D-Portland) at the beginning of the hearing.  Everyone was instructed to be respectful of the views of others and not make gestures or noises during testimonies.  We who testified in favor of L.D. #366 provided reasonable and precise testimony for why we need this law.  Opponents slandered and used name-calling in their testimony because they had no logical reasons for their position.

Take Action: That said, I am asking all CWA of Maine members to contact members of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee and let them know you are in favor of L.D. #366.  (That is if you did not have a change to do so last week in response to our e-alert on this matter.)  The committee will vote on this bill this Wednesday 1:00 p.m. so it’s extremely urgent you do this right away.  Please use the following links to contact each committee member:

Please Pray With Me: “Father, I ask that every member of our organization answer the call and contact members of the Judiciary Committee in favor of L.D. #366 and that You will get all the glory for our efforts You have inspired.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

In a recent e-mail to subscribers Rep. Lockman stated:

“Harboring Havens — like Portland — handcuff our local law enforcement agencies and act as a magnet attracting more illegal immigrants to the Pine Tree State.

“The fact is Harboring Havens put the safety of Maine families and our economic well-being in jeopardy! LD 366 would protect Maine people from violent criminal illegals who have settled in Maine over the past decade.

“Any Maine municipality harboring illegals will lose all state funding!”

Our legislature needs to hear from YOU right away.  Please stand with Rep. Lawrence Lockman, NEOP and CWA of Maine to stop this crime in our state by supporting L.D. #366.

Thank you and God bless.

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine