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Subject: Light Up the Switchboard for Religious Liberty!

By March 9, 2015Georgia
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The Georgia State Senate passed SB 129, the “Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act” by a vote of 37-15.  SB 129 now moves to the House where it will face a tough battle. We are asking everyone to help light up the State Capitol switchboard by making two phone calls this week:

  1. Speaker David Ralston – urge the Speaker to allow SB 129 to move forward.
    Phone: 404-656-5020/E-mail:
  2. Rep. Wendell Willard, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – urge him to allow SB 129 to be scheduled for a hearing.
    Phone: 404-656-5125/E-mail:

Religious freedom is the bedrock of all other liberties and valued as one of our most cherished constitutional rights.  Protecting religious freedom was so important to our Founders they placed it at the top of the list of the Bill of Rights. Isn’t it time that we step up to protect religious freedom here in Georgia?  Future generations are depending on us. Contact your state legislators today and urge them to stand on the side of religious freedom and support SB 129.

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