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New! Georgia’s Religious Freedom Bill

By May 22, 2015Georgia
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Resource Page for Georgia’s Religious Freedom Legislation

Latest news: 5-22-15
The Georgia GOP passes resolution in support of SB 129. We are waiting for the GaGOP to post the resolution.

The legislative session wrapped up on Thursday, April 2.  Here is a short synopsis for SB 129:

  • SB 129 passed the Senate. Click here for Senate scorecard.
  • SB 129 passed out of a “special” subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, but was tabled in the full House Judiciary Committee after three Republicans voted with the Democrats to add an amendment that would have gutted the bill. Click here for House subcommittee and full committee scorecard.
  • SB 129 is currently in the House Judiciary Committee and is active legislation for the 2016 legislative session.

Click here for legislative history of SB 129 and HB 218.

Educate yourself on the need for a state Religious Freedom Restoration Action in Georgia. Read through the resources provided by below.

Pray that our state legislators, Speaker, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House and Governor will stand on the side of religious liberty and not buckle to the pressure of corporations who do not see the need to pass a religious liberty bill.

Online Resources

CWA of Georgia Talking Points: Why Georgia need a religious freedom bill.

State Religious Freedom Restoration Act Resources:
This document contains the following:

  • View Historical Timeline of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (As a result of 1997 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Georgians have been left vulnerable to state religious discrimination lawsuits.)
  • Read Remarks by President Bill Clinton (Remarks by President Bill Clinton on signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.)
  • What a Religious Freedom Restoration Act Does and Does Not Do
  • Recent Examples in Georgia of Religious Discrimination (Read actual examples of religious discrimination in Georgia.)


Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act Resources:
The Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Woods Decision


Religious Liberty is one of CWA’s seven core issues on which we focus our efforts. CWA is concerned about the trend of government to diminish and disregard the God-given inalienable rights of individuals, and are working to see our government strengthen and renew its commitment to respect and protect each individual’s exercise of his God-given inalienable rights. Click to read more.

CWA of Georgia is supporting efforts by State Representative Sam Teasley (R-Marietta) and State Senator Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) to pass legislation that provides religious liberty protections for people of all faiths living in Georgia. As a reminder, the effort to pass similar legislation in 2014 was met with vicious opposition by Georgia-based corporate giants such as Delta, UPS, Coca-Cola and Home Depot. The companies bought into the media hype and misinformation, and used their lobbying power to kill the bills.