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STOP SB 1146 – An Attack on California’s Christian Colleges – REVISED

By June 28, 2016California
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We are back with an urgent message about SB 1146. This threat to our faith-based colleges and universities in California passed the Assembly Higher Education Committee on June 21 and will now be heard in The Assembly Judiciary committee on Thursday, June 30.

SB 1146 strikes at the heart of our First Amendment-protected freedoms, pluralism, and basic institutional self-governance. If a faith-based school accepts Cal Grants, this bill would, among other things, ban that school from requiring moral conduct codes, and from incorporating their religious beliefs into the school’s curriculum, admissions and campus life. Christian institutions must be able to govern their campuses based on the tenets of their faith without interference by the government.

“Any system of education … which limits instruction to the arts and sciences and rejects the aids of religion informing the characters of its citizens, is essentially defective. … No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion
must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.” ~Noah Webster, “Schoolmaster to America”

Please act:

The Assembly Judiciary Committee members need to hear from you before their hearing on June 30! They must vote “no” on SB 1146. Please feel free to use this sample letter from Biola University.

Find the committee members and their contact forms here to send a polite message asking them to oppose the bill. (The forms will only work for your own assembly member, so calls are suggested.)

Call as many committee members as you can and simply ask them to vote “no” at the hearing on Thursday:

Mark Stone, Chair – D-Santa Cruz – (916) 319-2029

Donald P. Wagner, Vice Chair – R-Irvine – (916) 319-2068

Luis A. Alejo – D-Salinas – (916) 319-2030

Ed Chau – D-Monterey Park – (916) 319-2049

David Chiu – D-San Francisco – (916) 319-2017

James Gallagher – R-Plumas Lake – (916) 319-2003

Cristina Garcia – D-Bell Gardens – (916) 319-2058

Chris R. Holden – D-Pasadena – (916) 319-2041

Brian Maienschein – R-San Diego – (916) 319-2077

Philip Y. Ting – D-San Francisco – (916) 319-2019

Forward this e-mail to like-minded California friends and family.

 Please pray for God to bring clarity to the minds of these legislators. That they will recognize, affirm, and protect the First Amendment rights of students and colleges.

Thank you for your prayers and action on this dangerous bill!