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Stop Common Core in Ohio

By April 1, 2014Ohio
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You are invited to attend an expert panelist discussion on Common Core at Capitol Theater in Columbus.

Common Core is the governmental overhaul of our education system to create national K – 12 standards. Click here to read more about the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSI) and why it matters to you.

On Wednesday, April 9, Ohioans and their state representatives and senators will have an opportunity to hear form a panel of the nation’s foremost experts, as they discuss the implication of Ohio’s adoption of Common Core Standards at a special Common Core Forum to be held at the Capitol Theater in Columbus. The forum, which begins at 6:00 p.m., will address the struggles and concerns that parents and teachers are facing under Common Core, as well as the destructive effect the new standards are having on our children.

One prominent concern is that the initiative never went through the legislative process, even though the Common Core standards will affect the education of every child in Ohio. Parents, legislators, local school boards and educators were bypassed and never given an opportunity to evaluate the standards before they became law through ambiguous language inserted in a budget bill. A majority of Ohio lawmakers were unaware of Common Core until parents brought it to their attention in April of 2013, almost three years after the adoption. This includes members of the House and Senate Education Committees.

Forum attendees will learn about Common Core instruction and materials that include developmentally inappropriate expectations, explicit and biased content, inane methods of mathematics instruction, absence of classical literature study, loss of teacher autonomy, excessive testing during instruction hours, intrusive data mining, and heavy corporate influence.

Event Details:
What: Common Core Forum
Where: Capitol Theater, 77 S. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
When: Wednesday April 9, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Sponsored by: Ohioans Against Common Core

Registration is required!

Ohioans are encouraged to invite school administrators, board members, teachers and state legislators to the forum. State senators and House representatives do not need reservations, as seats will be held for them. For planning purposes, the public must register online for advance tickets (at no cost) at

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