Common Core is the governmental overhaul of our education system to create national K- 12 standards. The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSI) was created by progressive, private educational insiders in Washington, D.C.  Common Core was dangled as an incentive to the states by being tied to “Race to the Top” grants and “No Child Left Behind” waivers.  The power to set educational standards is constitutionally reserved to the states, but the federal government is essentially bribing states to relinquish their rights.

This “one size fits all” plan was never voted on and lacks involvement by teachers, parents, and state and local legislators. The standards of Common Core can’t even be adjusted by state legislators or school boards. These estimated $16 billion standards are opposed by prominent educators, bi-partisan policy-makers, teachers, parents and tax-payers. Common Core will also actively dumb down our schools by only preparing students for low-level community college and vocational programs.

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Kicking Common Core to the Curb: A Timeline

It’s well worth the effort to take on this draconian governmental overreach. We are winning!


The 2014 Georgia legislative session came to a close on March 20. The state legislature failed to pass SB 167 that would have begun the withdrawal from the Common Core standards and aligned tests, and stop the intrusive data-tracking on Georgia students, but CWA of Georgia will continue fighting to regain local control of education.


Iowa HF 2140, which would make Iowa Core and Common Core standards voluntary, was withdrawn from the House. SF 2123 would roll back Iowa Core to the 2006 standards and is in subcommittee.


Kansas HB 2621 will modify the Common Core standards, set up a board to define new standards, not allow dissemination of data without consent, and not collect certain types of data. It was withdrawn from the Committee on Taxation and rereferred to the Committee on Education.


Missouri HB 1708 and SB 514 prohibit the implementation of the Common Core State Standards by the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts. HB 1490 and SB 798 prohibit the State Board of Education from adopting and implementing the Common Core Standards Initiative.

North Carolina

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest recently gave testimony that Common Core’s one-size fits all approach to educational standards won’t work in our diverse country. View his testimony here.

South Dakota

SB64, which requires the Board of Education to wait for two years prior to adopting any new uniform content standards, and SB63, which regards the privacy of student’s records, have both passed the South Dakota House and Senate and were signed into law by the Governor.


Several bills have been filed in the Tennessee House and the Senate to curtail and stop the over-reach and spread of this disastrous education system. Visit the Stop Common Core in Tennessee Facebook page for more information.


Wisconsin Gov. Walker has commented that ‘Wisconsin can do better” than Common Core. SB 619, which establishes a board that would oversee future commitment to standards, is in committee, and a March 6 hearing was held.

States that Declined Adoption

AlaskaMinnesota (adopted English language arts standards, declined math standards)NebraskaTexasVirginia

CWA National Resources

Talking points with links

Executive Director and Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, compiled these Common Core talking points as a reference guide to the background and future of Common Core.

Press release on U.S. Senate’s resolution

CWALAC’s press release on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-South Carolina) resolution that has been introduced and sheds light on Common Core’s federal takeover of education.

Stop Common Core brochure

Please print and share CWA’s brochure that extensively covers the issues of Common Core and what you can do to stop it.

Recording from Common Core experts

CWA held a nation-wide conference call with Common Core experts that concerned citizens could call into and listen. You will be able to listen to a recording of the call here.