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State Director’s Open Letter to State Representatives Concerning the Heartbeat Bill

By March 5, 2018Iowa
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Dear Representative,

The Senate passed the Heartbeat Bill, and now its fate rests on you and with it the lives of thousands of Iowans waiting to be born each year.

You, as a Representative hold the power of life and death in your hands.   You may not want the heavy responsibility that comes with this vote – which is exactly why you must vote YES.

No human should have the power to take innocent life for the sake of convenience, the excuse of choice, or even due to the manor of conception.

The difficult emotional and physical trauma of sexual violence can cloud the issue of a child that has been conceived in such an act.  Thankfully, those cases are rare, and even then, if an all-knowing God  who can turn what others meant for harm into good (Genesis 50:20) decides to bring life through the travesty of incest or the violence of rape, who are we to override our Creator as if He misunderstood?

Krista Hoefferber was conceived in incest, when her 15 year old mother was raped by her own father, Krista’s grandfather.

Juda Myers was conceived in a gang rape by eight men and is thankful to be alive.  Juda and others conceived in rape were no less human in the womb, are every bit as valuable, and have a God-given plan and purpose to fulfill here on earth just like the rest of us do (Jeremiah 29:11).

Whether conceived in love or violent aggression, no child should be given the death penalty for the crimes of their fathers.

At 6-8 weeks a detectable heartbeat is sure proof of a life ordained by God – to stop it is simply not our call.

If Concerned Women for America of Iowa can help you connect you with Juda or Krista, or answer any questions please let us know.

You were elected to protect the citizens of Iowa, including those yet waiting to take their first breath.

Please vote YES on the Heartbeat Bill!

Praying for your wisdom and clarity,

Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa