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Some Republicans Cower to President Obama’s Bathroom Agenda

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CWALAC_MediaStatementWashington, D.C. — Last night, 43 Republicans helped pass an amendment to the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5055) offered by Rep. Sean Maloney (D-New York) which codified Obama’s transgender Executive Order (13672) seeking to trample religious liberty and force anyone involved in business to affirm the transgender lifestyle.

The bill was defeated today by a vote of 112-305.

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, had this to say:

“Due to the disruptive and abrupt insertion of the Maloney Amendment, we are very pleased that this bill has been soundly defeated. It sends a strong message that we have a good group of members who will stand up for children and women’s safety and for religious liberty. But to think that 43 Republicans would join President Obama to promote transgenderism and force the marginalization of our Christian beliefs is appalling. So you can rest assure that the effects of this vote will continue to be felt as we move forward.”

For an interview with Penny Nance contact Janae Stracke at or 712-269-1724.