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San Antonio, Texas: New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic to Open

By November 17, 2014Texas
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Concerned Women for America of Texas opposes the work now being done to renovate an existing building to create a new Planned Parenthood facility in San Antonio, Texas; it is slated to become the final destination for thousands of babies each year killed through abortion. Through the combined efforts of many organizations, contractors are being contacted with the information about the project. The facility, located at 2140 Babcock, is being designed to meet the ambulatory surgical center requirements of the 2013 HB 2 legislation, following the forced closure of a prior clinic.

Workers have shown mixed responses when told of the intended purpose of the building. A letter is being sent to the contractors helping them understand the legal procedures for withdrawing from the project.

Demonstrators continue to make their peaceful presence known on the sidewalks.

If you live in San Antonio, make your peaceful presence known at the site.
If you have influence with San Antonio officials, use it to persuade them to halt the project.
If you have friends in the San Antonio area, be sure to share this information with them.

If you agree that babies should be given an opportunity to live the life God ordained for them, pray that the people of San Antonio will halt the completion of this facility.