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Reminder: Sen. Grassley Needs Our Support on This Thursday and Friday in Bedford, Mount Ayr and Leon

By May 4, 2016Iowa
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Our Senator, Charles Grassley is under vicious attacks by the progressive Left.  They have actually pledged millions of dollars to go specifically after Sen. Grassley as the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The reason is simple: the future of the Supreme Court of the United States is at stake.  They want to tilt the balance decidedly to the left by replacing Justice Antonin Scalia before President Obama leaves office.

But Sen. Grassley is standing strong against this court packing scheme at such a late hour and has pledged to give the people a voice on the type of justice they want through their vote for President this November.

The choice is simple, do we want a judge that, as Justice Scalia, abides by the text of the Constitution or one who believes in a “living, breathing” Constitution that they can manipulate at will.

Sen. Grassley is withstanding these attacks admirably.  But he needs our support!

It is extremely important that we have people who support him attend his upcoming town hall meetings.

Just today the radical is planning a big press conference in Iowa to announce their multi-million dollar campaign against our senator.  Let’s show these outsiders that we Iowans are engaged and refuse to be manipulated by phony leftist tactics.

Sheer numbers can be very encouraging for Grassley and intimidating for would-be troublemakers.  So please do everything you can to attend at least one of these meetings.  It is crucial that America not be turned over to a liberal, overreaching Supreme Court.

Please look at the list of upcoming meetings and try to attend.  If you know of someone in that area of the state who might be able to attend, please call them or e-mail them directly rather than simply forwarding this request.  I’m asking you to help DRIVE turnout.  If you are interested in carpooling from the DSM area, please let me know.

Thursday, May 5, Taylor County, 3:45-4:45 p.m., Taylor County Farm Bureau, Meeting Room, 607 Pollock Boulevard, Bedford

Friday, May 6, Ringgold County, 8:00-9:00 a.m., Ringgold County Courthouse, 109 West Madison Street, Mount Ayr

Friday, May 6, Decatur County, 10:00-11:00 a.m., Decatur County – Leon Community Center, 203 NE 2nd Street, Leon

SCOTUS belongs to “We the People,” not the President.  We need to thank Sen. Grassley for his willingness to stand against all of the pressure being thrown at him during his election year when some might falter.  We need to commend him for protecting us in this Constitutional process.    

For more on this check out my op-ed “Grassley pursues right course on Supreme Court vacancy” on the Sioux City Journal.


Let’s stand with Grassley who is standing up for us.


Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa
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