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Protect the Privacy of Children – Immediate Action Needed!

By May 12, 2017Kansas
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Our Kansas legislators are working hard to wrap up this Veto Session.  One thing they need to be aware of before the end of the session is the need for a privacy act to protect children especially in the most vulnerable place, public restrooms. It is important that our legislators hear us loud and clear on this point before the end of this session.

Rep. Trevor Jacobs (R-District 4) is adamant, and we agree, that we should have legislation to protect our children’s privacy. He has a petition calling on the governor and the legislature to protect children from the unwarranted access and intrusion of those who desire to enter into restrooms, showers, and all other gender-specific facilities that are not based solely on the user’s biological birth gender for the whole state.

Please Pray: especially for the conservative members on the House and Senate side of the legislature.  This is a very difficult session, and they need your prayers.

Take Action:  Please read, sign, and send Rep. Jacobs’ petition to Honorable Trevor Jacobs, P.O. Box 581, Fort Scott, KS  66701 before May 16.  If possible, please also have others sign the petition before sending it to Rep. Jacobs.

Thank you.

In His service,

Barbara Saldivar
State Director
CWA of Kansas
P.O. Box 8331
Topeka, KS  66608
(765) 260-5659

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