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Pro-Life Rally in San Antonio

By August 23, 2015Texas
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On Saturday, August 22, 2015, pro-lifers gathered all over the U.S. to celebrate life and bring attention to the horrendous videos recently released regarding practices at Planned Parenthood (PP). A very successful rally was held at 2140 Babcock, San Antonio, Texas, that was estimated to have drawn nearly 500 attendees. This PP establishment on Babcock has been involved in an ongoing zoning and land use controversy. However, San Antonians showed their support of life with a huge attendance, holding signs, praying, and welcoming speakers, including Carol Everett, leader of the Heidi Group . We also celebrated a wonderful victory in that San Antonio City Council members, and Mayor Ivy Taylor have now rescinded the appointment of Dr. Chichi Junda Woo as Medical Director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. Dr. Woo is listed as a doctor providing services for PP at 104 Babcock according to multiple websites. The battle with city hall over questionable zoning continues. We will not give up. San Antonians are waking up. This was the largest gathering yet, and we thank God for blessing our efforts.