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PRESS RELEASE – Grassroots Fired up for the Supreme Court

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Washington, D.C. – Penny Nance, President & CEO of Concerned Women for America (CWA), had this to say on the news of the impending retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy:

“This is the moment conservative women have been waiting for — the chance to return justice and constitutional limits to the nation’s highest court. This is the reason why they voted overwhelmingly for Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton.

“We want a Supreme Court that rejects the subjective “living, breathing” constitutional philosophy which judicial activist have used to force liberal political policies on the country under the guise of law. It is time for a Supreme Court that returns power to “We the People.”

“This is why 81% of Evangelical women voted for President Trump.  He was clear from the beginning on the credentials and judicial philosophy he would require of any of his appointees to both the high and lower courts. He has delivered on that promise like no other president in history.

“We know what the opposition will do, no matter whom the president chooses. Their hatred for anything the president does is evident to the country by now.  But they are out of ideas.  We know the script and expect the phony hysteria to reach its climax with the help of the liberal media.

“Concerned Women for America is gearing up for our biggest and perhaps most important confirmation battle in our almost 40-year history.  We plan to devote considerable resources to this effort, and we expect to win.

“Our happy warrior/activist ladies relish the fight and shine in these historic moments.  Our nation is at a pivotal moment, and CWA ladies will be in the center of the action, protecting our future children and grandchildren with grace and dignity.”