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Petition Deadline Approaching to Preserve the Religious Rights of Those in Plano, Texas

By January 13, 2015Texas
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As we reported last Friday, on December 8, 2014, an ordinance for the city of Plano, Texas was filed that is a direct threat to the freedoms of the residents of Plano! It will affect our religious freedoms and business policies. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for physical harm to come to women and little girls. Click here to read our January 10 alert.

Whether you live in Plano or not, your help is greatly needed, so read on.

Just as five out of the eight city council members have the right to pass this ordinance, we as Plano citizens have the right to petition the city to bring the issue before the people for a vote. Let us not forsake this right! By not exercising this right, we automatically give up our rights. Will this ordinance pave the way for more harm, or will we rise up and hold them at bay?

Fayetteville, Arkansas, had a similar ordinance and successfully overturned it. Read about it and be encouraged.

Petitions need to be collected by Monday morning, January 19. As of last Sunday 2550 signatures were still needed.

Note that these two lists have been revised from our January 10 alert.


  1. Click here to view and print the petition. Sign it and take it with you to church, social events, etc. to get others who live in Plano to sign it. Fill as many sheets as absolutely possible. [Be sure to read the instructions on how to complete and return the petition.]
  2. Use social media to alert your friends who live in Plano about the ordinance. Encourage them to print, sign and gather signatures as well as encourage others to do the same. Petitions must be notarized even if there are only two signatures. Go to your local bank to have them notarized.
  3. Volunteer to help validate the signatures on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday in McKinney, Texas. Contact Suzanne Blackstone at 972-306-5653 or contact with the word “petition” in the subject line to volunteer.
  4. Be watchful in your city or town via TV and newspapers. Rumor has it that others are considering similar ordinances. Alert us should you hear such information.


  1. Pray and ask the Lord what part you are to play in this battle.
  2. Pray regularly for those involved in defense of righteousness in this situation.
  3. Pray the efforts of the opposition will be thwarted.
  4. Pray that the over 3,822 signatures needed will be delivered to the Plano City Secretary.

Forward this e-mail immediately to those you know in Texas for the purpose of both prayer and action.