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Penny Nance’s Remarks on Senator Mitch McConnell’s “Debt Ceiling Deal”

By July 12, 2011Press Releases
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In response to the proposed deal on the debt ceiling in the Senate, Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, said the following:

“I am sincerely disappointed that Senator Mitch McConnell did not wait for the process to work. The majority of Americans clearly understand that Congress must cut spending and reform entitlements in order to preserve our nation’s future. It is nearly unbelievable that the Senate Minority Leader would suggest a deal that would give the President power to raise the debt ceiling without any kind of significant opposition. What kind of deal is one that further drives our nation into spending oblivion, putting the country at significant risk of a permanent recession?

“The last thing Washington needs is an unlimited credit line when we can’t even pay the debt we currently owe. The only sensible policy is to cut and cap spending and balance the budget. Those are the only options that our leaders should be discussing.”