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Ohio Senate, Pass the Heartbeat Bill!

By July 11, 2011Ohio
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statealert.gifPlease call your state senator TODAY! Even though they are on summer recess, the senators will be back in their Columbus offices this week. Leave your senator a brief message: “PASS THE HEARTBEAT BILL.”

This is time-sensitive! Make the call and get at least five of your pro-life friends to do the same. Repost this to your Facebook and Twitter and send to anyone on your e-mail list that lives in Ohio.

Click here to find your state senator by zip code.

The Lord gave us victory in the House, and now we are looking forward to a victory in the Senate. But it will take a lot of prayer, phone calls, and letters to Ohio’s senators. Please pray that the Lord will open the hearts of our senators and that the Heartbeat Bill will pass!

Thank you for all of your prayers and efforts on this bill. It will be awesome as we make history together!

God bless,

Crystal Gurry
Legislative Liaison
Concerned Women for America of Ohio