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Our Society Will Crumble

By October 15, 2014Virginia
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In 30 years, we will be picking up the broken lives from same-sex marriage, just as we are doing now with abortion victims.

The broken lives will be those caught up in such a destructive lifestyle and the children that those unions raise.

God has divided the sexes to be unique in everyway and has created each sex to perform separate functions in the family. A family with two of one kind is dysfunctional and does not provide a complete picture of humanness to a child – relationally and emotionally.

Our society has done a great disservice to a large portion of our present and future population all in the name of equality. Homosexuality is not an equality issue; it is a sin issue. It is wrong in every respect, and God will judge it the same as He will all sin.

The proponents of same-sex marriage and those in the homosexual community have believed the lie of Satan – “Be true to yourself;” we should instead become all that God intended us to be for we were created in His image and for His glory.