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Our CWA Role as We Head into Election

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As we approach Election Day 2022, these words that were written ten years ago still ring true today. 

Concerned Women for America (CWA) was founded upon the idea that God’s standards needed to be America’s standards. Mrs. LaHaye was concerned that our nation was drifting away from God’s best and decided to take a stand for truth. CWA has been standing for truth since then. Truth cannot be bent, stretched, or gotten around. It stands alone while all else around it shakes and is destroyed. Our politicians were trying to pass the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) to “help” women, but Mrs. LaHaye saw through the veil of deception and reminded America of God’s intended role for women. In the end, truth prevailed, and this amendment was not passed.

The role of CWA is to remind, educate, and inspire us to call this nation back to Biblical principles. What happens in the public sector (public policy) affects us all. We want our laws to protect the freedoms we have in Jesus Christ. We want our laws to honor God. We want our elected officials to be full of the fear of the Lord because that is where wisdom is found. In every branch of government at every level God’s truth needs to be respected. Where this is not happening, CWA needs to be there to call to account those responsible. That is the work of CWA. We watch what is happening in the public square and strive to be an influence for good, for Godly standards and truth.

It sounds like a tall order, but rest assured you are not alone. The power of God’s Spirit in you will cause you to be gentle, articulate, and kind, as well as assertive, bold, and uncompromising on truth. You will be respected as you engage others on the issues because of the power of the Spirit poured upon you through prayer. Prayer must always precede action, but action must always follow prayer. These are the tools CWA employs to earn the “lady-like,” professional reputation we enjoy as an organization. You are able because our God is able! Now get out there and make a difference.

This article by CWA’s former North Texas Director Kia Mutranowski appeared in the January 2012 CWA of Texas Newsletter